Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Management System

One of the most common complaints of customers is that their food hasn’t arrived quickly enough, be that delivered to their table or to their door.

An effective kitchen management system can therefore have a hugely positive impact on both your customer satisfaction scores & customer loyalty.

Kitchen Management System

Andromeda's Kitchen Management System

Offers a comprehensive solution, providing visible real-time information to the kitchen team & assists you in delivering the service your customers expect.

For a powerful & complete solution, combine the kitchen management systems with our driver management solutions & ensure your customers receive the best experience possible every time.

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

The KDS shows the kitchen all of the information they need to be aware of for all orders.

The KDS also removes the need for printers in the kitchen, saving paper and eliminating missed orders caused by lost tickets.

Virtual Tab Rail (VTR)

Equip your kitchen with a VTR from Andromeda and improve the efficiency of your production.

Designed to work as your packing station the VTR provides your team with all of the information they require for each order to ensure you deliver the right items to the right customers quickly and efficiently.