Uber Eats Integration

Uber Eats Integration

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Uber Integration

You count on your orders being accurate and handled correctly so service runs smoothly and your customers are happy.

With our integration, orders you receive from Uber Eats are transferred directly into your Andromeda POS system saving you time, reducing input errors and keeping all of your transactions in one place.

Your Uber Eats menu is synched to your Andromeda menu meaning you only have to make changes in the Portal for it to apply to all platforms.

  • Reduces Input errors
  • Keeps track of orders as you receive then in a single place
  • Images from your own website automatically upload to your Uber Eats page
  • Allergy information from your website will automatically show on your Uber Eats page
  • Any calorie information on your own website will automatically upload to your Uber Eats site
  • A single place to manage all of your sales figures