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POS 5 Bug Fixes

We don’t like bugs anymore than you do, so our team has been out squashing them as they are reported, so check out the latest fixes below which will be heading to your store(s) soon. BuildNumber Product Type Description Resolution Printing Bug Fix Order Expected date outputs as 01/01/1970 In certain style sheets the […]

4 Benefits of Restaurant Food Ordering Systems

Here at Andromeda, we are a devoted team of professionals who provide simple solutions to help you manage and improve your whole restaurant. We appreciate that everyone is looking to seamlessly integrate their systems to provide exceptional customer support – which is why we have developed an easy-to-use online food ordering system. To help you […]

Why Should A Restaurant Have an Online Food Ordering System?

In today’s modern age, the food delivery market is changing and adapting incredibly rapidly. Consumers are looking for the quickest service possible, with expectations of customer service standards being higher than ever. There is now no time for restaurants and fast food outlets to be fumbling over the phone – as this can result in […]