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Take the heat out of the kitchen
with a digital Kitchen Management System

All your orders, one screen

The system integrates seamlessly with various ordering channels, such as online platforms, mobile apps, and in-house POS systems. It consolidates all incoming orders, ensuring that kitchen staff can view and manage them from a single interface.

Instead of relying on traditional paper tickets, the system displays orders digitally on screens. This eliminates the need for printers and reduces paper waste. Kitchen staff can view and update orders in real-time without the hassle of managing physical tickets.

The system prominently displays any special instructions or modifications specified by customers. This ensures that kitchen staff can easily identify and accommodate unique customer preferences, such as allergies or dietary restrictions.

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The system supports multiple screens, allowing customization based on the kitchen’s layout or different sections. For instance, there can be separate screens for the grill, fryers, or salad stations. This division of orders improves organisation and facilitates efficient order preparation.

By centralising and displaying all orders, the system minimises the chances of missed or overlooked orders. It provides a clear overview of the incoming orders, ensuring that kitchen staff can prioritise and manage them effectively. This reduces confusion, enhances order accuracy, and promotes a calmer working environment in the kitchen.
Takeaway POS - Kitchen Makescreen
Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)
Virtual Tab Rail (VTR) Andromeda POS
Virtual Tab Rail (VTR)

Never forget an item!​

The system includes a dedicated digital packing station where kitchen staff can view and organise all items for each order. This station replaces the traditional paper-based packing process, streamlining operations and reducing the risk of misplaced or lost items.

The system displays a comprehensive list of all items included in each order at the digital packing station. This ensures that kitchen staff have a clear and complete overview of the order, enabling them to pack items accurately and efficiently.
With all items for each order conveniently displayed in one place, the packing process becomes more efficient. Kitchen staff can quickly identify and gather the required items, reducing the time spent searching for ingredients or components. This improved efficiency allows for faster order fulfilment.
The clear visibility of all items on the digital packing station significantly reduces packing errors. Kitchen staff can easily cross-check the items against the order details, minimising the chances of missing or incorrect items. This results in a higher level of accuracy and reduces the need for order corrections or returns.
By minimising packing errors and ensuring order accuracy, a kitchen display POS system with a digital packing station contributes to increased customer satisfaction. Customers receive their orders correctly and as expected, leading to positive experiences and repeat business. It also reduces the likelihood of negative reviews or complaints related to order mistakes.

One of the most common complaints of customers is that their food hasn’t arrived quickly enough, be that delivered to their table or to their door. 
A kitchen management system makes the kitchen more organised, reducing errors & delays.
This can therefore have a hugely positive impact on both your customer satisfaction scores & customer loyalty.

Andromeda's Kitchen Management System

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A comprehensive solution, providing visible real-time information to the kitchen team, allowing you to deliver the service your customers expect.

For a powerful & complete solution, combine the kitchen management systems with our driver management solution.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your restaurant to the next level.