Christmas campaign

Welcome to the Andromeda marketing resource centre. Here you will find a selection of marketing materials that can be downloaded and printed for use within your business, and some images you can download for electronic uses.
For the printed items simply click on the link for the item you want from the choices, to open the PDF, this can then be saved to your computer and then be sent to a printer of your choice to be printed.
 Alternatively Andromeda can have these printed for you for. Please contact us to request a price.


Please see the poster themes below. Simply click on the size version you require to generate the full size pdf.

A6 Flyers

The aim of the flyers is to give you something to drop into the takeaway bags to help promote your messages.
We have created these with a section at the bottom to add your store details. 
Please see the flyers themes below. Simply click on the size version you require to generate the full size pdf.

Email Footers

If you have a branded email, why not change the footer regularly to fit with your current marketing theme?.
Simply click to enlarge the image then save to your computer..
Why not link the email footer to your online ordering website?
Simply highlight the image once placed in your email client, click on the hyperlink button (Looks like a chain link) then add your website domain.
As this is different for each email client, the process can be found online if you struggle or please drop us an email if you need assistance.

Social media

We all know how important social media is now a days, so to help you to maintain a great online presence we’ve created some images which you can use on Facebook, Instagram or whichever other platform you use to promote your restaurant..
Simply click on the image and save to your computer..
FYI: When posting online, it is really important to add an “order online” option with a link to your Online Ordering platform to make it easy for people to order directly from you.

Don’t have your own Online Ordering Website?
Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with that.