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Online Ordering for
Indian Restaurants & Takeaways

Build customer loyalty with your own

Branded Online Indian Restaurant Ordering System

We know customers dining patterns have changed with people ordering more from online ordering systems and increasingly more from third party platforms. But this has come at a cost to operators who are loosing direct contact with their customers.

So rather than just relying on third-parties, who charge high commissions, you should also look at having your own online ordering system for your Indian takeaway or restaurant, so you can provide your customers with direct access to you?

Andromeda’s mobile friendly online ordering system for Indian restaurants and takeaways, provides you with a simple and easy to navigate site that is branded and unique to you and allow your customers to order and pay online.

Orders from your online Indian restaurant ordering system are either received directly into your Andromeda POS system or into a tablet, eliminating input errors, reducing time and ensuring orders are prioritised correctly.

With Andromeda your customers data belongs to you allowing you to provide marketing communications at any time and generate loyalty to your brand.

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