We've spent over 60 years between us running successful restaurants and learning every day

We've taken all our experience and dropped it into one great platform for restaurants to succeed.
This is everything we do, and how it helps you:

Online Ordering
Order Processing
Kitchen Optimisation
Inventory Reports
Driver Fleet Overview

Online Ordering

If you’re looking to improve, or get into online sales, Andromedas Online Ordering platform offers a simple yet professional solution. We provide menu creation and management, all branded for your business and we offer support and advice on getting your product seen by your potential customers.

Andromeda POS

Your Andromeda POS Suite gives the essential level of functionality for your restaurant, giving you your order taking, delivery management, all the reports you may need to make smart decisions for your business, be that a delivery, counter or dine in operation.

Kitchen solutions

The kitchen is the beating heart of your business, our kitchen solutions provides better accuracy and speed when preparing your orders, in a ticket less environment.


Total control over your food costs with actual vs ideal ingredient breakdowns. Recipe management provides detailed ingredient usage from your product sales mix.

Aggregator integrations

Save time, increase visibility and improve kitchen performance with our third party integrations. If you work with Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat, you don’t need to worry about having to enter orders from them into your POS. With our integration it is seamlessly added to your Andromeda POS suite, reducing additional work and input errors.

Driver management

For restaurants that use their own drivers to deliver your orders, our driver management module allows you to control the flow of orders, in and out of the store and with the GPS tracking know where your drivers and your orders are. Using this functionality gives you detailed service metrics which helps you deliver better customer service.

People Management
Organisation Analytics
Marketing Suite
Menu Deals
Cash Management
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People management

Our HR module allows you to securely record your peoples personal information. By using the timekeeping function you can generate detailed labour reports based on hours and costs. Build your schedules and know the costs by day or by week.

Reporting and Analysis

Andromeda POS reporting covers all aspects of your system usage from chicken wings on a Wednesday afternoon to total sales last year, the metrics generated by our POS allows you to be in total control of your store.

For medium to large chains, our above store reporting gives you raw data of your groups performance allowing you to use our templates or create bespoke reports to suit the needs of your business.

Marketing suite

Your orders generate your own database of customer contact information, so you can easily build your own bespoke lists to send appropriate marketing messages to. You can contact your customers via direct mail, email and SMS.

Menu and deals

Take control of your own menu with our master menu editor. Whether it’s weekly specials or locally specific deals the master menu editor allows you to control your own menu from the store.

Chains can centrally manage their stores menus, but still allow them the autonomy to build their own local deals.

Payment processing

Whether you use our integrated card processing or good old fashioned cash money, our end of night cash reconciliation process will breakdown your days takings simplifying your entire payment processing system.

Consultancy Services

With over 60 years experience in the restaurant and delivery market, we not only offer the best POS system around but we also our hard earned expertise to help you improve your operation. Get in touch for more details. 

For all our customers, we offer a robust, secure and simple solution for all credit/debit card processing in your restaurant.