People management

People management

Quickly build your rota & control your labour spend

Included within Andromeda POS is a quick and easy way to build your rotas within one system and move away from all those spread sheets.


Within your Andromeda POS suite is a staff management feature which allows you to onboard your team, then build and cost your weekly rota and throughout the week manage your labour expenditure, to not only ensure you to get your staffing levels correct but allowing you to manage your wage costs and ensure they remain within target.

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Once you have onboarded your staff onto your Andromeda POS system with their key employee details, you can quickly build a basic rota to understand your staffing levels for each day and the week.

Each rota is fully costed giving you accurate visibility of your labour expenditure.

Once you have approved your rota, you can simply print and display it to ensure the team know their shifts for the upcoming week.

As the week progresses, by your staff clocking in and out on every shift, you can easily compare your actual labour expenditure against your forecasted spend to ensure you hit your targets.

Fully utilising the employee function allows you to export your weekly payroll report which reduces the chances errors and ensures your staff are paid correctly.

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