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Stock management

Reduce your food costs,
while still delivering customer satisfaction

Stock control is a crucial process for any hospitality business wanting to ensure maximum product margins are achieved, whist also ensuring your customers consistently receive what they are expecting.
By ensuring each product is made to a predetermined spec, you can then easily determine what your product usage should be based upon your actual sales.
Completing a stocktake and comparing your actual result to this theoretical figure provides you and your managers with an accurate insight into the performance of your restaurant which leads to opportunities for measurable improvement.
Effective control of your stock ensures you are not wasting, over/under - portioning or suffering stock loss, which is crucial to delivering the best gross margin you can.
Within your Andromeda POS suite, is a stock management feature which allows you to manage your stock throughout the food cycle.
Andromeda POS enables you to record your deliveries onto the system meaning it can report on your stock holding and usage enabling you to reduce stock holding and increase margins. Conducting a stocktake then at a regular interval allows the system to identify any discrepancies in your stock holding.
Features include:
  • Recommended stock ordering based on average usage
  • Recipe costings
  • Inputting of deliveries to system
  • Recording of waste
  • Stocktaking
  • Simple analysis of discrepancies between your theoretical and actual result