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Call centre

Do you have multiple outlets

all taking orders by phone?

If the answer is yes, Andromeda's call centre solution is the product for you. Call centre allows you to take orders for multiple locations from a single call handling facility, making it simple and easy for your customers to interact with you and for you to control your orders.

Key features

  • Take orders for multiple locations from one place
  • Orders are sent to the correct location immediately
  • Order status (in oven, on road etc) is synchronised to the call centre
  • Edit/Change orders from Call Centre or store
  • Same familiar Andromeda POS interface


Key benefits

  • Reduce labour costs by centralising all of your call handlers
  • Avoid missing phone calls / orders
  • Streamline restaurant level operations – no more phones ringing
  • Central view and control of customer experience
call centre