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Click & collect website

Provide your customers with an easy way to order and collect in advance, even if you don't do deliveries

You may not employ your own drivers or even do deliveries but why not offer your customers the ability to order from your own website and collect at a later time?
With a branded online ordering website, you can not only provide your customers an online portal to your services, but you can reduce the queues and long waits at peak times by allowing your customers to pre-order and pre-pay for their food.
Takeaway sandwich
With the pre-order functionality, customers are able to order their food for collection at a time that suits, for example as they are walking past on their way home, or so it is ready for their lunch break making it super convenient.
Orders are either received directly into your Andromeda POS system or into a tablet, eliminating input errors, reducing time and ensuring orders are prioritised correctly.
With Andromedas click and collect service, your customers data belongs to you allowing you to provide marketing communications at any time and generate loyalty to your brand.