What makes Andromedas Online Ordering Websites so good?

In the past your customers ordered from you by phone, but in this new digital age Online Order has quickly become the new norm.

With many third party websites offering a simple and easy way for customers to connect to a wide choice of food, it is more important than ever for your business to have it’s own online presence. An online ordering website is your way to connect with your customers in this digital age and it should be treated as an extension of your shop.

While the third party sites and some of the other web ordering providers help you to gain a site online, their focus is on marketing and promoting themselves rather than you. They sell you bags and packaging and put up stickers with “their name” on and they promote themselves which may then bring some business your way.

But why put your business solely in their hands, while they can help you gain new customers, having your own website means you are in control.


So why is a website from Andromeda better?

  • Primarily, an Online Ordering Website from Andromeda is a site that is branded and
    marketed for YOU.
  • It is a portal for your customers to connect to you and your menu, we don’t use it to promote
    us featuring you.
  • Customers on your website are your customers, so unlike other platforms, they are loyal to
    you and their data is yours, meaning we can assist you in connecting with and marketing
    offers to them
  • No need to pay large commissions to a third party site, who only markets themselves

Please have a look at this attached pdf and contact us to discuss in more detail.


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