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Andromeda POS 5 Update

We have made even more improvements to your Andromeda Software, so check out the latest updates below which will be heading to your store(s) soon.

BuildNumber Product Type Description Resolution
5.0.21 Integrations Improvement Our Just Eat Integration was missing elements on Web items impacting how orders are displayed. Our current Just Eat integration has limitations due to us awaiting the menu matching from Just Eat, which they are working on, but our current version has just become near perfect.

We have been able to make key improvements to ensure orders are handled correctly on the Make Screen, VTR, Dispatcher, Order History, Ticket Print and Label Print.

The only limitations now relate to product handling on split Make Screens or stock management.

5.0.21 Labour Management Bug Fix Employees hours were not captured correctly if an employee was clocked in but the time keeper window had been left open for some time. The timestamp for an employee when clocking in was based on when the Time Keeping Form was Opened. This has been changed to record the current time to avoid situations when the Time Keeper has been left open.
5.0.21 Make Screen Bug Fix Runtime error 30009 on Make Screen (KDS) If there were items on the current view of the Make Screen (KDS), but none in the HISTORY view, when you tried to navigate to the HISTORY view, it was causing a Run-time error ‘30009’ which has now been resolved.
5.0.21 Menu Bug Fix The new Edit Menu tool crashes under a certain circumstance. This new tool is being developed to enable the Owner to make simple menu changes yourself. More details will be following on this new functionality.
5.0.21 Printing Bug Fix The Andromeda Printing log file records that it is a DEBUG version Along with the wrong version number being displayed, the AndromedaPrinting also indicates that it is a Debug version, which was incorrect. Although this doesn’t impact the printing it has been fixed to aid us to provide better support.
5.0.21 Printing Bug Fix An incorrect Andromedaprinting version number was being recorded in log files. Although this has no impact on the system it does help us support you better when there is a problem.
5.0.21 Settings Improvement Flare Pricing website and staging URLs have been imported into the devive attributes. Stores using Flare price check have been updated to use https.
5.0.20 Disptach Bug Fix The “Collect” button is active when the float value to collect has not been specified. This allows a user to perform “Collect Nothing”, with a Security Authorisation. The “Driver Logout” option is no longer selectable unless a “Float Value” has been inputted. The Update button is not active prior to keying a value into the “Enter Amount” field.
5.0.20 Labour Management Bug Fix EMP-08 timesheet report has been restricted to completed shifts. All shifts worked for longer than 15mins are recorded correctly. If a Team Member has a shift recorded for less than 15 mins it is expected that this is an error and this shift will not appear.
5.0.20 Make Screen New Feature Change descriptions for products on the Make Screen (KDS) to allow short names or abbreviations. Many menus have product names which are not user friendly for the Kitchen Team when they are using our Make Screen (KDS) instead of Kitchen Tickets, so these can be shorted or abbreviated using our new Menu Editor tool.

Make your Chef’s happy with shorter names !

NOTE: The system updates after the morning restart also stores with a Head Office will need this to be done centrally.

5.0.20 Menu New Feature First stage of our new Menu Editor tool has been released Menu editing has never been a simple process for smaller operators and has required our Helpdesk to make changes on your behalf.

However, this has now changed. As an Owner you can now review and make amendments to your current menu as you require. Adding new items isn’t possible at the minute, but this feature will be coming soon. Checkout our training video for more details.

5.0.20 Reporting Bug Fix The Save to PDF report option did not work in all cases. There was a problem saving reports to PDF which has been resolved.
5.0.20 Reporting Bug Fix OPS-01 report now fits onto one page again. We have made further design changes to the OPS-01 report to ensure it fits to one page.

This also restores the date range function of the report that was previously removed.

5.0.20 Reporting Improvement Improvements to a number of reports. The list is long, but we have been hard at work making the reports clearer to use and we still have some left to go so please bear with us.
5.0.19 Printing Bug Fix A label with category selection reprints the deselected items When reprinting labels it was also printing labels from a category with deselected items.
This has been fixed to prevent this happening.
5.0.19 Printing Bug Fix Multi-print functionality doesn’t work for the kitchen ticket Kitchen Tickets are now able to be set to print multiply times.
5.0.19 Printing Bug Fix The subtotal value on printed receipts wasn’t clear. The Subtotal value on a printed receipt was including any Service Changes and VAT which can lead to confusion so this has been changed so that Subtotal now includes VAT, but excludes any charges or discounts and is then totalled at the bottom in ‘Total Sales Value’.
5.0.19 Printing Bug Fix Receipt printer reprints on Skip Make and Skip Oven actions An unwanted system generated reprint was occurring when skipping stages which has now been resolved.
5.0.19 Settings Improvement Changed front end site ID to prepare for new Mission Control App We are preparing to provide a real time Operational Matrix’s App for all users, so please watch out for more details once we are ready for release.
5.0.18 Labour Management Bug Fix Timekeeping dialog showed staff as ‘OVERTIME’ prior to their scheduled shift end Staff were displayed on OVERTIME as soon as they were clocked in and this has been changed so that If a staff member is still clocked in AFTER their scheduled End Time, their status displays “OVERTIME”
5.0.18 Labour Management Bug Fix Timekeeping Dialog – Late filter performs opposite action The option to filter the Timekeeper for Team Members who are late for their shift now only shows Late Employees instead of full list.
5.0.18 Make Screen New Feature Make Screen (KDS) setting should not default to ‘Auto-Refresh to Top Line’. The Make Screen (KDS) function to auto-refresh to the top line has been removed as the default setting.

Please contact Helpdesk if you wish to have this setting enabled.

5.0.18 Order Entry Bug Fix Open the till for “Cash Only” orders did not work correctly. The option to prevent the Cash drawer from opening when there wasn’t a need for it has been fixed.

Helpdesk need to be contacted if you wish this option to be enabled.

5.0.17 Labour Management Bug Fix Payroll UI loads an incorrect format. When opening the Payroll Screen (Manager/Payroll), it would load all employees when only employees with paid hours should have been displayed, which has now been fixed.
5.0.17 Order Entry Bug Fix Reintroduce editable delivery charge in the collection order confirmation UI Some stores were using the “Delivery Charge” option in “Collection Orders” to adjust prices for 3rd party orders e.g. UberEats and therefore this option has been replaced.
5.0.17 Order Entry Bug Fix Service Charge % imposed in Custom Settings was displayed on all order taking UI for all occasions and not just Dine In. The option for providing a Service Charge % on the bill was being displayed in all order occasions and should only display when the occasion is Dine In and has been fixed.

This is a custom setting and can be applied by Helpdesk if required.

5.0.16 Disptach Bug Fix When a Driver is clocked out, the “Drivers Working Today” list was not auto-refreshed to remove the clocked out driver. The Drivers working today now updates as expected,
5.0.16 Labour Management Bug Fix Payroll UI doesn’t display paid hours for Sundays We had accidentally deleted a day from the week, but do not panic we have restored it and the Payroll UI now displays correctly.
5.0.16 Order Entry Bug Fix Caller ID value does not display on select order occasion UI. During the UI changes this function became broken and has since been fixed to display the Caller ID of the number calling the store.
5.0.15 Disptach Bug Fix Drivers could use any password on the late delivery prompt Random password can no longer be entered for a driver.
5.0.15 Make Screen New Feature NEW look Make Screen (KDS). New design and new motif in line with new POS design which also provides a number of benefits, such as :

Delivery address being removed in line with GDPR requirements.

Notes for chef screen removed and replaced in the product lines so they don’t get missed.

Total orders metric and System time value removed to increase usable space.

Base Type and count moved to top of screen.

5.0.15 Order Entry New Feature Increased the number of payment types displayed to 20 With the addition of 3rd Party providers we have increased the displayed number of Payment Types on the system to 20.
5.0.15 Printing Bug Fix Orders which were edited twice did not re-print. Tickets now re-print regardless of how many times an order is edited.
5.0.15 Printing Bug Fix Long product names overflow into Price on Printing “Cust_Compact_Win_80mm” stylesheet wraps text so it no longer overlaps the price.
5.0.14 AndroWeb 1.0 New Feature New siren for AndroWeb Online Orders. Stores without a Make Screen (KDS) can have a siren alert play on the Order Entry computer to alert you that an order from your Andromeda website has been received.

Please speak to Helpdesk if you require this setting.

5.0.14 Make Screen New Feature Added siren on the Make Screen (KDS) for future orders. When enabled, the kitchen screen will play an alert Siren when a “Future Order” received earlier in the day has progressed to the “Current” view on the Make Screen (KDS).

Device Attributes “Siren On All Orders” and “Siren On Future Orders” are mutually exclusive and cannot be enabled concurrently.

The default state of the Kitchen Siren is that a Siren sounds only when a Web Order appears on the Current View of the Make Screen and changes need to be applied by Helpdesk.

5.0.11 Order Entry Bug Fix When a shopper with a credit on their account places an order redeeming a partial credit, the outstanding credit value was not persisted against the shopper’s account. Unused credit is now persisted on the customer account until the value reaches £0
5.0.11 Order Entry Bug Fix Employees with a Job Description –
Untrained ! do not appear in the user list when clocked in and are thereby unable to login and use the POS.
Employees with a Job Description of Untrained are now displayed on the User list and can log in to the POS.
5.0.11 Order Entry Bug Fix EDT displays triple digits EDT value was not being displayed if larger than 2 digits, this has been resolved to display triple digits, but we hope you never need this!
5.0.11 Other Bug Fix SMS disclaimer now saves For stores using the SMS Marketing / Labour information function – Text entered in the SMS Disclaimer field of the Messages tab in Rameses Custom Settings was not being saved and has now been fixed.
5.0.11 Reporting Bug Fix The order history calendar displayed 01/01/1970 rather than the current date. The date was not being set so the system used the standard calendar default of 1/1/1970 (no idea why this was chosen).

Now this displays the current date.

5.0.11 Settings Bug Fix Custom settings for Orders, Security, Remote and Ports tabs was not readable. Settings changed to make the text legible Order Entry Bug Fix EDT in future time dialogue to match the confirmed EDT The value in the field “How many minutes before…” of the Future Time dialogue in Order Taking does not match the system’s Estimated Delivery Time/Collection Countdown, thereby allowing a user to commit orders with a wanted time less than the earliest available delivery / collection time has been fixed. Make Screen New Feature Chef notes on Make Screen (KDS) Chef notes on the Make Screen are truncated to allow the full note to be displayed with the order to ensure chefs do not miss any instructions. Settings Advisory Tidy up of Custom Settings We’ve had a spring clean to make the custom settings simpler to use for our Helpdesk Team. Labour Management Advisory New Design Build Rota User Interface We have made it cleaner and simpler to use to allow you to easily add your rota to the system Order Entry Bug Fix Collection order taking was restricted if the Customers address is blacklisted. Collection ordertaking is no longer prohibited if the customer address is blacklisted. Order Entry Improvement Enabled wrap text options when entering an order On all add note sections of the order entry process, the text now wraps allowing for more notes to be entered and displayed correctly. Order Entry Improvement Added the “Return to Customer” button on the Collection Order Confirmation UI. The button which returns a user to the customer details UI (i.e. where the telephone number or customer name can be changed) is now visible on the Collection Order Confirmation UI. Settings Improvement Change default HD contact number in the build for new stores Unless your chain has an alternative support number, the login screen will display the correct contact number – 0203 151 0607.