Why choose Andromeda

Andromeda delivers an all in one digital ordering solution designed to grow your business

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3 reasons to choose Andromeda?


After switching to Andromeda, the average customer benefits from:
1) Increase your sales
  • Receive more orders to your restaurant
  • Generate on average 20% bigger order spends
2) Increase your profitability
  • Reduce your cost per order
  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Use data and insights to refine sales techniques
3) Win Customer Loyalty
  • Generate repeat business
  • Your customers are YOUR customers
  • Win brand loyalty 
  • Entice aggregator customers to become your direct customers
  • Your customers are not shared with any other restaurants

Andromeda triple Guarantee 

You will own your own website domain

You own your customer data – we are not an aggregator

No long-term contract, leave at any time

How do we do it?

  • Apply our Proprietary Restaurant-marketing techniques
  • Utilise our 60+ years experience in marketing restaurants/takeaways ourselves. (No trial & error, no sales talk)
  • Use robust technology-aided platform developed by us
  • Restaurant Marketing Specialist is tasked to promote your brand
  • Aggressive online promotion by a team of online experts
  • Create your own Branded Web Platform to serve as gateway for new customers coming in through our funnel
  • In-built customer loyalty program to trigger repeat orders

Expected results with Andromeda advanced marketing pack

  • Gain more new customers
  • Possible gain of £400per week within 3 months
  • Gain up to 15% higher value orders
  • Retain a higher proportion of customers that otherwise wouldn’t return
  • Move your aggregator orders to direct orders to your site

Andromeda - Know your partner

Experienced ownership team with over 60 years of hands-on experience in delivery – Ex Pizza Hut and Dominos.

Trusted by big brands and single store operators since 2000.

Andromeda - We help you deliver