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Why You Need a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

Have you ever Googled your own business?

  • Do you know what comes up in the search results?
  • Are there reviews from customers?
  • Are the hours of operation?
  • What about your phone number and website?

Did you know that Google is one of the best free tools out there for your business?

There are countless benefits to setting up your Google My Business & we’re here to help!


Here are the top reasons why you need a Google My Business listing:

  • Show Up in Google Maps Searches
    • When someone searches for “pizza shops near me” and heads to the map you want your pizza company to show up in those search results as an option for them to consider. The visibility you can get from these searches will really make a difference in site traffic and potential new customers. 
  • Earn Trust From Customers
    • When a customer finds your Google listing, you can earn their trust thanks to the Google reviews included on your listing. Potential customers can get the invaluable “word of mouth” virtually as they read reviews from other customers. Additionally, with your hours, contact information, and link to your website, included on the listing, you will also give a customer the critical information they need to have to make a purchasing decision, which helps grow trust.
  • Grow Site Traffic
    • Your listing will appear in front of people who might have not known about your business, thereby sending them to your website to learn more. Your website must be included in your Google listing or you will miss out on those potential sales.
  • Stand Out from Competitors
    • Having a solid Google listing can also help you stand out from your competitors as potential customers read the positive reviews about your business.

Ready to get on the map? We’ve created this free guide to help you start a Google listing, and improve the one that you might already have.

Download it and start making a difference for your business today!