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Why you should show your product allergens on your website


What happens to those customers who review your website & can't easily identify the ingredients in your meals?

  • Did you know that 44% of adults in the UK have at least one allergy?
  • Did you know that 48% of those suffering from one allergy are suffering from more than one allergy?
  • This means that nearly half of your customer base could be coming to your restaurant or finding your menu online with the purpose of narrowing down the food they want to eat, based on what they are allergic to.
  • The allergy trends in the UK is no exception as there are similar trends among populations that exist around the world. 
If they can’t find allergy info, a sufferer will probably leave your site!

People don’t want to struggle to find the information that they need in order to make a purchasing decision. This is especially true when their health could be at risk. If a competitor better shares that information with a customer, they are probably more inclined to order with them. Customers want to feel confident that they know what they are eating and YOU helping them easily access that information will only help grow your customer satisfaction, sales and reputation.

It is also the law. 

Having allergens on your website at the time of order is actually legally required in the UK for pre-packed and non-prepackaged food. Research and add the 14 additives that are required to be disclosed, and include them on your website. Also, make sure you display the allergen details when the food is delivered, whether it is on a sticker on the packaging or via phone during the ordering. 

You could be penalized.

You never want to make your customer ill by mislabeling allergens or not alerting them of the allergens your food might have. It can damage your brand reputation and of course will make a customer sick, risking action against your business. Local authorities have the ability to enforce these laws and can issue warnings and fines. 

How Andromeda can help…

Properly listing your allergens on your site is great for business besides being something you’re legally responsible for doing. Andromeda can assist with best practices for adding this information to your website, helping you easily add and update your allergens in your Andromeda Portal. If you don’t have a website yet Andromeda can also help your restaurant to set one up, taking your sales to a whole new level. You’ll also be assured that your website will never “forget” to give your customers the correct information, driving people to order directly from your site and not over the phone or from aggregators.