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An all in one digital solution

Andromeda delivers an all in one digital ordering solution designed to grow your business.

With over 60 years combined restaurant management experience; Andromeda has been designed by restaurant people, for restaurant people, with one simple mission in mind: to deliver an all in one digital ordering solution designed with the restaurant in mind to help you win new customers and improve your customer loyalty which allows you to grow your business and maximise your profits.


Our solution consists of 3 parts:

Digital Ordering Platform – Andromeda offers you your own online ordering website, branded for your business and mobile optimised on your own domain. We build and manage the website for you but ensure that this is an extension of your business to make it easy for you to engage with your own customers. You can control product pictures, description and availability from your portal. Unlike some other websites, we ensure that customers to your website remain your customers and you have access to their information to allow you, with our support, to reach out and engage with them in order to generate brand loyalty and repeat business


Demand Generation – Once your website is live, Andromedas marketing team will work with you to optimise your SEO, Social Media and offline marketing, to drive more customers to your website. We focus on both attracting new customers and converting customers from third party websites to being direct customers to you thus reducing your commissions and increasing your profit margin.


Restaurant Operations Management Platform - Including EPOS, Kitchen Management and Driver Management solutions. This system helps you capture all your orders from your website, phone and in-store and with integrations to Just Eat and Uber Eats we can streamline your restaurant operation and ensure you deliver the right food on time, meaning your customers come back.


Whether you are a single independent store, or a nationwide chain, our solutions scale according to your needs to provide a solution that is right for you.


It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.
No rocket science, just no nonsense mission control for your restaurant.

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Ready to relaunch your restaurant?

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Restaurants who choose our platform


Restaurants who choose our platform

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Here's what some of our

customers say about us:

Ben and his team have been leading the way on delivery EPOS systems for years and continue to do so. It is great to be working with such an innovative business.

Philip McGuinnes - Too Too Moo

“I have been working with Andromeda for a number of years now and they have some fantastic solutions to offer. The delivery plotting map works really well and is an asset for any delivery business. The help and support from Andromeda is always quick and responsive.” 

Karen Hetherington - Chosen Bun

The easiest to use POS system you can find on the market! It allows me to keep track of all my orders right up until they are delivered and provides me with all the data I need to manage my business effectively. Very quick and helpful support team.

Vladimir Stefanov - Pizza Napoli

"After moving our Epos system to Andromeda we have seen a massive improvement in the way our business operates, it has been the best business decision we have made.  The customer service and system support has been fantastic."

Alessandro Calista - Nana Franca

"I find that Andromeda's POS system is very user-friendly and has helped my business to be more efficient. Its order processing and driver management features in particular really help us to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers."

Mauricio Cabrera - Basilico

"We’ve used Andromeda since 2007 and it’s served us really well. Version 4 was a breath of fresh air and Version 5, is even better. You guys are all doing a really good job of improving the software."

Wayne Grills - Pizza Planet (Kingsbridge) Ltd

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Find out more: