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Deliver Plus App

included FOC

The driver app for your delivery drivers is free to all Andromeda POS customers & can be downloaded from the QR code on your dispatch screen.

  • Fully integrated into the POS
    – do exactly what you do today on dispatching an order
  • Easy QR code to link the driver app to the phone
  • Simple navigation for drivers to follow
  • Highlight cold items / order content
  • Options to see all orders / drivers from the manager dispatch
  • Option for consumers to track their orders/drivers & ETA
  • Improve service, reduce complaints & improve repeat rates

If you need any assistance in setting up the Deliver Plus App, please contact our helpdesk who will be able to assist you.

0203 151 0607 or email 

Deliver Plus Manager Maps


The Andromeda maps solution provides you with a digital map of your delivery area. As orders are received, the system displays the customers location on the map.

By having your live orders displayed visually, you can plot the most effective route to ensure your customer receives their food, in time and of the quality they expect. This feature is particularity useful if your drivers take multiple orders on each run.

Deliver Plus Customer Tracking


The Andromeda Customer Tracking allows your customers to track their order in real time, from the point they send it, right through to delivery at their door.

As soon as their order is received into your Andromeda system, an automated SMS is sent to the customer with a link to their order.

When clicked this will open a browser on their phone allowing them to track their order through the different stages & then track the delivery driver in real time when he is on the road.

Both the Manager Maps & Customer Tracking services require an additional subscription before they can be used.


If you would like to add this service or request more information or a demonstration, please complete the contact form below to request a call back from our sales team.

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