Andromeda POS

Do you need more orders? Think again!

Every day the team at Andromeda talk to hundreds of delivery/ takeaway businesses, both our own existing clients and prospects. One thing that comes up from many operators, is ” How can I get more orders?”. But – are is this the wrong question?

Do you need more orders, or do you need to keep more customers

Let’s take a look at two different businesses, both in the Pizza delivery space ( But it could be curry, Chinese, etc). Lets call them Business A and Business B.

Business A gets around 300 orders every week, with an average order of £15.00 per order. That’s £4,500 of sales, which is just enough to pay the bills. They don’t have much to spend on marketing so they rely on most of their orders from aggregators ( which cost 15-30%is of each order). To make sure they get enough orders, Business A has to offer 10-20% discount to keep at the top of the aggregators listings. Of course, this means they can’t afford branded packaging, so all orders go out in generic ( Aggregator branded) boxes. 

And, with labour costs rising, they end up with 1or 2 drivers in the week, and 2-3 at weekends. The drivers are kept busy taking orders 2,3,4 at a time. It feels like hard work and they are running to stand still. Most of the customers orders are late, and very few come back to order again, and as they ordered from an aggregator, the restaurant has no customer database and the consumer has many other restaurants to choose from.