Driver management

Driver management

Maximise your customers satisfaction
with effective driver management tools

You’ve taken the order, you’ve made the food, but to ensure your customer is satisfied with the result, it needs to be delivered to them quickly and efficiently, piping hot, looking and tasting great.

Andromedas driver management solution provides you with the tools you need to do just that.
We understand the problems faced in running a delivery business and excel at providing industry leading delivery solutions to assist you in optimising your operation in store and on the road.

Driver dispatch screen

Out of the box, your Andromeda POS suite comes equipped with a powerful driver dispatch solution that allows you to effectively manage the delivery of each order to completion.

Once made, assigning each order to a driver allows you to control the delivery, ensuring your customer receives great quality food from you every time.

Easily switch between the order taking and dispatch sections of your Andromeda POS or set up a dedicated driver dispatch station, allowing your team continuous access to the dispatcher, without compromising your order taking.

Andromeda maps

The Andromeda maps solution provides you with a digital map of your delivery area. As orders are received, the system displays the customers location on the map.

By having your live orders displayed visually, you can plot the most effective route to ensure your customer receives their food, in time and of the quality they expect. This feature is particularity useful if your drivers take multiple orders on each run.

GPS tracking

Adding GPS tracking to your Andromeda suite gives you complete control of your delivery process and makes it simple to ensure your customers are receiving their food, hot, fresh and on time.

Using the Dispatch station, you know that a driver is on the road delivering an order, from your digital map you can see where this customer is located but once they leave the store you have no visibility of your drivers.

The GPS tracking solution provides a live position of each driver on your Andromeda map, allowing you to respond immediately should a customer have a query about an ETD.

The GPS tracking solution also makes it easy to deliver consistently high quality food.

By using the live position of your drivers, you can time the kitchen output accordingly, reducing your rack times, reducing driver turnaround times and ensuring the food is delivered hot and fresh, thus increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty.