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Ensure your customer is satisfied every time by delivering quickly & efficiently.
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Andromedas driver management system provides you with the tools you need to do just that.

We understand the problems faced in running a delivery business & excel at providing industry leading delivery solutions to assist you in optimising your operation in store and on the road.

Driver dispatching

Andromeda POS comes equipped with a powerful driver management system that allows you to effectively manage the delivery of each order to completion.

Once an order is made, assigning it to a driver gives you full visability of the delivery right to the customers door, ensuring they receive great quality food from you every time.

Easily switch between the order taking and dispatch sections of your Andromeda POS or set up a dedicated driver dispatch station, allowing your team continuous access to the dispatcher, without compromising your order taking.

Andromeda maps

The Deliver Plus map provides you with a digital map of your area. As orders are received, the system displays the customers location on the map allowing you to plot deliveries more effectively

By combining this with the Deliver Plus Drivers App, once you have assigned an order to a driver, you can see their live progress. Once they have delivered you can track them on their way back allowing you to get the next order ready, minimising wait times or food sitting on the racks going cold.

Deliver Plus - Drivers App

Get full visibility of every order from it leaving your door, to arriving at the customers. Use your drivers location to time the next order avoiding wait times.

  • Fully integrated into your POS
  • Easy QR code to link the driver app to the phone
  • Simple navigation for drivers to follow
  • Highlight cold items / order content
  • See all orders / drivers from the manager dispatch
  • Option for customers to track their order & ETA

Improve Service - Reduce Complaints - Increase Repeat Orders