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Increase Sales, Amaze Customers, and Unlock Massive Growth!

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Broaden your customer base by breaking free from geographical limits. Offer your irresistible grill takeaways to a wider audience.

With online ordering, you can connect with new customers who might not have known about your grill joint or struggled to visit it.

Make ordering a breeze for your customers. Let them explore your menu, pick their beloved grill treats, and tweak orders as they like. Online ordering allows them to place orders on the fly or from their comfy homes with just a few clicks. Ensure a smooth and friendly ordering process to keep them smiling.

Managing phone orders eats up time and invites mistakes. With an online ordering system, you automate this process. Save time, cut down on errors, and streamline your work. Your staff can then focus on what they excel at: crafting and delivering mouthwatering grill delights. Boost efficiency and offer swift service to your patrons.

Our online ordering system provides precious data about how your customers order—what they like, when they order the most, and their preferences. Use this information to understand your business better, like popular dishes, busy hours, and who your customers are. This helps you decide what to offer, how to promote it, and how to keep getting better.

The online food world is tough, and lots of chicken takeaways are already online. When you use our online ordering system, you show you’re serious about keeping up with what customers want. This helps you compete and brings in more customers because you’re offering an easy and smart way to order. Stay strong in the digital race!

Unique Features

The Andromeda POS online ordering system has a cool feature: you can make set meals. This means we put together tasty meal combos that you’ll love. You just pick one, and boom – you’re all set for a yummy meal that fits your taste.

It’s super helpful when you’re in a hurry or want an easy meal. Plus, businesses can use this feature to show off their best stuff and sell more. They can bundle awesome things together to make a great deal that you can’t resist. It’s like a win-win for everyone!

The Andromeda POS online ordering system can handle all kinds of special deals and offers. Imagine that you can get a bunch of delicious things in one deal, and it’s cheaper. Or, you buy one thing and get another thing free – awesome, right?

Businesses can make you feel extra special by giving you credits or discounts based on how much you spend. It’s like a little reward for choosing them. This way, you can enjoy your food and get more value at the same time.

With so many cool deals like bundles, buy-one-get-one-free, and extra discounts, the Andromeda POS online ordering system helps businesses make you happy and successful. They bring in more customers, sell more, and keep you coming back for more tasty treats.

The Andromeda POS online ordering system is like a superhero for your grill takeaways. It can handle all kinds of amazing deals and special stuff. Whether it’s putting things together in bundles, giving you a free item when you buy something, or giving you extra value when you spend – it’s got you covered.

Businesses can create awesome bundles where you get a bunch of tasty things at a lower price. This makes you want to try new foods and save money too. Then there’s the super cool “Buy One Get One Free” deal. You buy something, and you get another thing totally free – it’s like a delicious gift!

Oh, and here’s another treat: the extra-to-spend offer. When you spend a certain amount, businesses give you extra credits or discounts. It’s like they’re saying, “Thanks for choosing us, here’s something extra!” This makes you feel great and want to come back.

The Andromeda POS online ordering system helps businesses make these awesome deals happen. They make you excited, sell more tasty food, and make sure you keep coming back for more grill delights. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Andromeda POS has a super handy Stock Control System designed just for grill takeaways like yours. It helps you keep track of all the things you need to make delicious meals. No more running out of stuff or having too much leftover!

Our system is like having a personal assistant for your inventory. It helps you know how much of each thing you have – like sauces, spices, veggies, meats, and even the containers. This way, you can make sure you always have enough of everything you need.

The best part? Our system updates in real-time. So, you always know what’s going on with your ingredients. You’ll never be caught without something you need, and you won’t waste things by having too much.

And here’s another cool thing: our system works together with your ordering process. It’s like they’re best friends. With all the information about what you have and what you need, you can order things at the perfect time and in just the right amount. This means you won’t spend too much money on extra stuff, and you won’t have empty shelves either. It’s like magic for your grill takeaway business!

Our special system, Andromeda POS, helps the kitchen run super smoothly. It helps orders get ready faster,  and makes everything work better together.

In the world of ghost kitchens, this system is like having a kitchen helper that makes everything faster and easier.

The Andromeda POS system cares a lot about you and your safety, especially if you’re into grill takeaways. It has this cool feature that makes sure you know about allergens – stuff that might not be good for you.

This feature tells you if any of those allergens are in the food you want. So, you can pick something safe to eat. And if you’re at the restaurant, the staff can quickly check too. It’s like having a safety net for your stomach.

If you’re curious about how many calories are in your food, the Andromeda POS online ordering system has your back. It helps Chinese takeaway places show you how many calories are in their food. It’s like giving you a sneak peek into how healthy your meal is.

With this system, you can easily see how many calories each thing has when you’re picking what to eat. This way, you can choose what’s best for you. It’s all about keeping you informed and healthy while enjoying your takeaway grill feast!

Andromeda has super helpful solutions that work for small grill takeaway spots or even big ones with lots of locations.

If you have one grill takeaway or a small group, Andromeda gives you an awesome online ordering system. This makes taking orders and making customers happy really easy. You can also keep track of your menu, orders, and customer information all in one place.

For bigger grill takeaway chains with lots of spots, Andromeda has cool extras. You can see how all your places are doing and manage your menu from one spot. This helps you keep everything running smoothly and make sure everyone gets the same delicious food.

And guess what? When you use Andromeda’s online ordering, you get FREE cool pages that help people find you online. These pages are made to show up better on search engines, so more people can find your grill goodness. There are tonnes of pages that talk about your yummy stuff and where you deliver, so you can get even more customers and be a big hit online.

Andromeda’s solutions are like your secret sauce for running your grill takeaway, no matter if it’s just one spot, a few, or a whole bunch. And those free pages? They make sure everyone knows about your amazing grill treats!

User-Friendly Interface
Revolutionise your ghost kitchen experience with our state-of-the-art online ordering system, meticulously designed to enhance operational efficiency. With its intuitive layout, customers navigate effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free ordering process. Notably, the system’s mobile-friendly design transcends device boundaries, empowering customers to place orders anytime, anywhere.

No matter if your customers use small phones or bigger tablets, our system looks great and works perfectly. It’s like magic – it changes to fit whatever device they’re using. This means they can order from their phones or tablets, wherever they are. It’s all about making things easy and accessible for everyone.

Customers can easily create accounts using their emails or even their social media profiles. This opens the door to special things just for them. When you know who they are, you can give them cool deals and keep track of what they like to order.

It’s like having a secret club just for your grill takeaway fans!

We make your grill takeaway menu look super tempting. There are awesome pictures and descriptions that make you want to order everything. Customers can easily jump around different sections like starters, main dishes, and desserts. And when they find something they like, they can just click or tap to choose it. It’s like having your menu at their fingertips.

Grill food often comes with special requests. Our online system totally gets that. It’s like having a chef at your fingertips.

Customers can change things up – like asking for less spice or extra veggies. They can even let you know if they have any special dietary needs. This way, everyone gets exactly what they want, and they’ll love your grill takeaway even more!

Effortless Menu Control

Our online ordering system comes with a super easy-to-use control centre, made just for folks running grill takeaways. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to handle your menu. With our simple setup, you can easily move around different parts, manage what’s on the menu, and use important tools to make things smooth. Spend less time on computer stuff and more on making your grill treats awesome for customers.

The special thing about the Andromeda Online Ordering System is how it makes your grill takeaway look amazing. We use bright colours and awesome pictures to make the menu pop. It’s like a feast for your eyes! And this sets Andromeda apart – it’s not just boring, it’s an exciting way to order. Your customers will feel like they’re on a tasty adventure, just by looking at your menu!

Got a new sizzling dish? Just add it to your menu with a couple of clicks. Need to tweak how something’s described or priced? Our system makes it super easy. And if you want to take something off the menu, that’s easy too. Our system makes it simple for you to keep your menu exciting and fresh.

The Andromeda POS online ordering system has this super cool thing called the Advanced Pricing Engine. It’s like a wizard that helps you with pricing and deals. This wizard makes sure you make the right choices to get more customers and sell more.

With the Advanced Pricing Engine, you can set different prices for different times, days, or even where your customers are. You can also give discounts to different groups of customers. It’s like magic because it helps you earn more money and make your customers happy.

This wizard can even do special things like give bigger discounts for buying more, have special deals at certain times, or use special codes for promotions. These special pricing powers help you change your prices to match what’s happening and make more profit.

Keep track of what you have with our easy link to inventory management systems. When your online ordering system talks to your ingredient tracker, your menu shows what you really have. This way, your customers won’t order things that you can’t make right now. It’s like having a helper to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Customer Management

Our online ordering system gives your customers their own special profiles. They can create accounts and get personalised experiences. These profiles keep track of their past orders, so they can quickly reorder their favourite grill treats with just a few clicks. It’s like having a shortcut to yummy food!

Make your customers happy and keep them coming back with our loyalty programme and rewards feature. Our online system lets you set up special deals that reward loyal customers. This means discounts, free stuff, or exclusive treats. When you do this, your customers will want to stick with your grill takeaway and tell their friends too!

Our online ordering system also lets you talk to your customers. They can reach out if they have questions or need something special. By being there to help, you show you care. This makes their experience better, and they’ll trust your grill takeaway even more. And when you listen to what they say, you can make things even better for them!

Ordering Process

Our online ordering system has a shopping cart, just like when you go shopping. This cart helps your customers pick what they want, change things around, and check before they order. It’s like a magic basket that shows all the tasty stuff they chose, how much, and the prices. This way, they can make sure everything is just the way they like it.

Your customers get to choose how they want to get their food – delivered to their door or they can pick it up themselves. Our online ordering system can handle both, so they can pick what works best for them. Whether they want their grill delights brought to them or they feel like swinging by to grab it, we’ve got them covered.

When your customers want their food delivered, they can tell us where they live and when they’d like it. Our online system lets them put in their address – like the street name, city, and zip code. They can also choose a time when they’re home and ready. This helps make sure their food gets to them just right.

Imagine knowing exactly where your order is. Our online ordering system lets your customers do that! They can see where their food is from the time they order it to when it’s at their door or ready for them.

This way, they’re always in the loop and feel good knowing what’s happening with their food.

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Want to reach more hungry people? Our online ordering system can link up with famous food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo. This way, folks who love using these apps can find your grill treats too. And you don’t need to juggle lots of screens; you can manage everything from one spot. It’s like having a super convenient way to get your food out there.

We make sure your customers always know what’s happening with their orders. Our system can send them text messages to tell them when their order is on its way.

This way, they’re not guessing and can be ready when their food arrives. It’s like a helpful friend sending updates.

If you deliver your yummy grill food, we can make it even smoother. We’ve teamed up with a service called Stuart, and they have skilled drivers. They can even figure out the best route to take!

This way, your customers get their food fast and fresh. It’s like having a delivery superhero on your side.

Safety and Privacy

When it comes to your information, we’ve got you covered. Our online ordering system takes strong measures to keep your data safe. It’s like locking important stuff in a super safe box.

We make sure your data is super safe. When it travels from one place to another, it’s like a secret code that only the right people can understand. We also keep all the customer and business information safe and locked up, so no one shouldn’t get in.

Being open and honest is important. Our online ordering system helps you explain to customers how you handle their data and what rules they need to follow. It’s like a set of rules that everyone agrees on. This helps build trust between you and your customers.

We work really hard to make sure everything works perfectly. Our team tests the system to make sure everything goes smoothly. We check if customers can browse, order, and manage their accounts easily. This way, we catch any problems and fix them before they become big issues.

We don’t stop caring after the system is launched. We keep checking and fixing things. If you or your customers find any problems, we’re here to help and make things better. This way, your online ordering for your grill takeaway stays awesome!

Andromeda Call Centre
Cloud Reporting
Master Your Ghost Kitchen Business with Admin Control

Our online ordering system comes with a special admin dashboard just for you. This dashboard shows you all your orders and how much you’ve sold. It’s like your command center!

You can see what’s happening right now, track what’s popular, and figure out ways to make your grill takeaway even better.

We make handling orders a breeze. From your admin dashboard, you can say yes, no, or change things around for orders. You can talk to your kitchen staff easily too. This keeps everything running smoothly and makes sure everyone gets their food on time.

Our system also helps you keep an eye on what you have in stock. It’s like having a helper who tells you when you’re running low on things. When you link it to your online system, you won’t have to worry about customers ordering stuff you don’t have. It’s all about making sure everything is accurate and that there’s less waste.

With the admin dashboard, you can keep all your customer information in one place. This helps you talk to them, see what they ordered before, and solve any problems. It’s like having a customer service desk at your fingertips.

We also give you special reports that tell you how your grill takeaway is doing. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the future! These reports show you things like what’s selling the most, how many orders you’re getting, and what your customers really like. This way, you can make decisions based on facts and grow your grill business even more!

Why Choose Andromeda POS

We offer a range of affordable packages to suit any budget

Our system is easy to use and fully integrated with your POS system

We provide ongoing support and training to ensure you get the most out of your system

Our system is fully secure, so you can be confident that your customers’ data is safe

Online ordering system for GHOST KITCHEN that delivers