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Third Party Provider Integrations

Demand for delivery has skyrocketed but with a vast number coming from a third party providers, this can become a time consuming and complicated process to manage.

Integrations from Andromeda

Automate the manual tasks by having your orders are received directly into your Andromeda POS, reducing your staffs time from having to manually input them, which also means avoiding errors and having orders being out of sequence.

Our integrations are a full menu integration, which means that you only have to maintain a single menu. Everything is kept in sync using your Andromeda Portal, your own website & your aggregators orders are received into your POS correctly as “Menu Items” & so will match their VAT amounts.

Price uplifts can be applied to cover additional commission costs from the 3rd parties & integration / POS fees. These uplifts can be applied in a number of different ways as below & each platform can have different uplifts:

  1. No Uplift
  2. Percentage / Fixed cost across the whole menu e.g. all items uplifted by 10%
  3. Percentage / Fixed cost across pricing bands

The advantages of integrating:

  • Only have a single menu to manage
  • Consistent Price Uplift from base 
  • Saves time
  • Keeps the stores workflow the same for all orders
  • Ensures the orders are accurately recorded
  • Keeps track of all your sales in a single system
  • Ensure your VAT records are correct
  • and many more…

Other Integrations

The Stuart integration allows you to use their courier service from your dispatch screen and deliver your food to your customers seamlessly.

This can be used as a short term solution while you are building up your delivery service and can justify hiring a new driver, or could be that at peak times you need some extra help, but not enough to justify hiring a new driver, or maybe you just don’t want to hire drivers at all.

You can easily connect Paymentsense or Dojo countertop card machines to our point of sale system using cloud technology.
This simple connection is called integrated payments and it allows you to take quicker, smarter payments.