Andromeda POS

Run Your restaurant, smarter & manage all your orders together

Integrate your third party delivery platforms into Andromeda. No more multiple tablets & manual entries.

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Say goodbye to multiple menus & tickets

Demand for delivery has skyrocketed but with a large number coming from third party providers, this can become a time consuming and complicated process to manage. Receive orders from all platforms in one place. Reduce errors, save time & labour.

The advantages of integrating:

  • One menu to manage for all online platforms
  • Images from your own site apply to the third parties
  • Add calories information
  • Consistent Price Uplift from base 
  • Saves time
  • Keeps the workflow the same for all orders
  • Ensures the orders are accurately recorded
  • Keeps track of all your sales in a single system
  • Ensure your VAT records are correct
  • and many more…

Say goodbye to chaos & restore order
With Andromeda full menu integrations

Partner with a delivery provider or make your payments simple