Andromeda POS

Looking for a Just Eat POS?

Andromedas Just Eat POS Integration
gives you just that!

Manage all your online orders in one place.

Just Eat POS

Just Eat POS

With our integration, orders you receive from Just Eat are transferred directly into your Andromeda POS system saving you time, reducing input errors and keeping all of your transactions in one place.

  1. Your Just Eat menu is synced to your Andromeda menu meaning you only have to make changes in the Portal for it to apply to all platforms.
  2. When you edit your menu in the Portal, this not only updates your Online Ordering, but also your Just Eat (and other integrators) at the same time.
  3. Orders placed on all integrated platforms are delivered directly into your Andromeda POS system.
  4. You can dispatch your third party orders from your Driver Dispatch screen allowing you complete visibilty for all of your orders.
Andromeda's Solutions Just Eat Integration

The advantages of integrating:

  • One menu to manage for all online platforms
  • Images from your own site apply to the third parties
  • Add calories information
  • Consistent Price Uplift from base 
  • Saves time
  • Keeps the workflow the same for all orders
  • Ensures the orders are accurately recorded
  • Keeps track of all your sales in a single system
  • Ensure your VAT records are correct
  • and many more…