Andromeda POS

Make your kitchen
more Zen!

Take the heat out of the kitchen
with a digital Kitchen Management System

cooking grill

One of the most common complaints of customers is that their food hasn’t arrived quickly enough, be that delivered to their table or to their door. 
A kitchen management system makes the kitchen more organised, reducing errors & delays.
This can therefore have a hugely positive impact on both your customer satisfaction scores & customer loyalty.

All your orders, one screen

  • All orders from all your channels displayed in one place
  • Third party orders displayed automatically
  • All special instructions clearly displayed
  • No need for printers
  • Can have multiple screens for different sections
  • No more missed orders or confusion, just a calm kitchen

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Virtual Tab Rail (VTR)

Never forget an item again!

  • Digital packing station
  • All items for each order displayed in one place
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced packing errors
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Andromeda's Kitchen Management System

A comprehensive solution, providing visible real-time information to the kitchen team, allowing you to deliver the service your customers expect.

For a powerful & complete solution, combine the kitchen management systems with our driver management solution.