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Good restaurant businesses take a lot of work. They require expertise and the right tools to give customers the best experience; every time.

That’s what Andromeda is for. Our products allow businesses to be more agile, effective, and data-driven. They help improve operations across the front and back office of a restaurant or outlet and help owners make sense of and take action with massive amounts of data. Above all, we help businesses to deliver the best quality food to people’s homes. Andromeda products give organisations the flexibility to improve their services, focus on food quality, and scale with their growth.

Andromeda was built upon a simple idea: Make POS software that’s easy to use, yet manages the growing complexity of a hospitality operation. The company has expanded on that idea, and now offers a growing suite of products that work together to support takeaway, delivery and restaurant businesses maximise their revenues and delight their customers.

Become an Andromeda partner and help companies make the delivery of their food amazing every time. Andromeda partners leverage our products to help their customers improve the way they manage their operation and enable them to use data to exceed customer expectations.

As an Andromeda Partner, you will take part in the fastest growing category in Hospitality, take advantage of industry leading software that will help you build your expertise, and grow your business.

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IT professionals focused on the hospitality space, helping large & small enterprises deliver well.

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POS system experts that resell Andromeda, manage implementations and offer an array of other services.

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To ensure you have the best possible experience with Andromeda, we have a team of partners around the world with excellent technical skills and a deep understanding of our products.

Whether you need consulting, technical assistance, custom development or any other services with Andromeda, you will find a knowledgeable partner to help you in our partner network.


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