We have made even more improvements to your Andromeda Software, so check out the latest updates below which will be heading to your store(s) soon.

BuildNumberProductTypeDescriptionResolution Additional Orders process has been improved on the DispatcherSelecting additional orders to add to a delivery has become easier when multiple orders are ready for dispatching with up to 13 orders displayed in a single view and the ability to see more when required. However, we still know that taking singles will provide the best service to your customers. ManagementImprovementPayroll UI to display Staff in Alphabetical orderFollowing feedback the Payroll UI now displays staff members in alphabetical order to improve the usability of the UI and aid in locating employees. FeatureNew Future Date Order ReportA new report for future dated orders has been added to help stores plan ahead.

Report is available in Supervisor > Reporting > Operations.

We hope it helps. EntryImprovementExposed the Expected Date Stamp on Fdate ordersPrinting Future dated orders in advance showed today’s date instead of the date wanted as it was never expected these would be printed, but this has now been changed to allow for this. ScreenImprovementNo Order message has been improved to include “future orders pending” text when Future Orders are present on Make Screen (KDS)Stores using the Make Screen are now alerted to Future Orders when no items are present. Order details provided on the DispatcherBottom Left hand section of the dispatcher has been improved to show the full order details and status. revised formatting for Kitchen ticketsStores which use Kitchen Printers now have a clearer format for Kitchen Tickets, including how future timed orders are displayed. FeatureTicket numbers options on ticketsThere are know 3 options regarding printing order numbers on the tickets:

1. Display order number
2. Display system number
3. Display no numbers

Contact your Helpdesk if you require the setting to be changed.

Note: Does not apply to Label printing ScreenNew FeatureSpot aggregator orders e.g. Uber Eats on the Make Screen (KDS)Want to be able to easily identify orders from the aggregators so that you can fast track their orders and remain high in their rankings. Now users of our Make Screen can quickly spot their orders by just looking out for their logos. EntryNew FeatureAndroWeb & Uber Eats Order couldn’t be cancelled regardless of Payment MethodTo enable you to reconcile sales between OLO and the POS you can now cancel a prepaid order, but be aware that only DataCash clients will have the payment automatically refunded and for other payment providers you need to rearrange this manually. ScreenImprovementRestored clock as a Blue Tile to Make Screen (KDS).The clock was removed on the Make Screen to increase space, but following feedback this was a key feature which has been restored. FeatureImplement “Web Only” Type for Payment TypesTo enable more paytypes, a new option has been added to have hidden web only paytypes which won’t be visible in-store. EntryImprovementResize Menu Products UI when Quick Cash off is Enabled.Feedback on button size taken on board and now restored ScreenImprovementRefactor Avg. Make and Total Products Made metric into Blue Tiles on the Make Screen (KDS)Quickly know your Kitchen’s performance by reviewing the top tiles of the Make Screen (KDS). ScreenImprovementDisplay additional order details on the KDSIf a Delivery Order (DEL), the shopper’s Postcode is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef)
If a Collection Order (COL), the shopper’s Name is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef)
If a Shop Order (SHP), the shopper’s Name is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef)
If a Dine In Order (EAT), the shopper’s Table Number is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef) ScreenImprovementMake Screen (KDS) column headers adapt to mode (Current, History, Future)Regardless of which Make Screen (KDS) view you, see the info you need. Categories did not have translationsTranslation now provided for the reporting Category. of unwanted Frontpage button device typesGeneral housekeeping
5.0.24Make ScreenImprovementRemove the ++prefix on Make Screen (KDS) from WEBITEM orders e.g. Just Eat integrated ordersOur Just Eat Integration was displaying ‘++’ in front of any additional toppings as these were being included in JE Order and these have now been removed
5.0.27Order EntryImprovementImplement brand button styling on Call Centre “Select Site” dialogThe Call Centre Site selector list design has been improved in line with other design changes
5.0.24Make ScreenImprovementThe green used on the Makescreen (KDS) was a light green and hard to read. This has been made darkerFeedback recieved was that the light green used to show extra toppings wasn’t clear to read and needed to be darker.
5.0.21SettingsImprovementFlare Pricing website and staging URLs have been imported into the devive attributes.Stores using Flare price check have been updated to use https. Adjust figure now included in the output to the printed receiptAggregator orders with higher pricing than store pricing wasn’t showing the adjustment on the customer receipt which has now been resolved.
5.0.15Make ScreenNew FeatureNEW look Make Screen (KDS).New design and new motif in line with new POS design which also provides a number of benefits, such as :

Delivery address being removed in line with GDPR requirements.

Notes for chef screen removed and replaced in the product lines so they don’t get missed.

Total orders metric and System time value removed to increase usable space.

Base Type and count moved to top of screen. EntryImprovementEnabled wrap text options when entering an orderOn all add note sections of the order entry process, the text now wraps allowing for more notes to be entered and displayed correctly. EntryImprovementAdded the “Return to Customer” button on the Collection Order Confirmation UI.The button which returns a user to the customer details UI (i.e. where the telephone number or customer name can be changed) is now visible on the Collection Order Confirmation UI.
5.0.20MenuNew FeatureFirst stage of our new Menu Editor tool has been releasedMenu editing has never been a simple process for smaller operators and has required our Helpdesk to make changes on your behalf.

However, this has now changed. As an Owner you can now review and make amendments to your current menu as you require. Adding new items isn’t possible at the minute, but this feature will be coming soon. Checkout our training video for more details.

5.0.14AndroWeb 1.0New FeatureNew siren for AndroWeb Online Orders.Stores without a Make Screen (KDS) can have a siren alert play on the Order Entry computer to alert you that an order from your Andromeda website has been received.

Please speak to Helpdesk if you require this setting. ManagementImprovementNew Design Build Rota User InterfaceWe have made it cleaner and simpler to use to allow you to easily add your rota to the system
5.0.20ReportingImprovementImprovements to a number of reports.The list is long, but we have been hard at work making the reports clearer to use and we still have some left to go so please bear with us. ScreenNew FeatureChef notes on Make Screen (KDS)Chef notes on the Make Screen are truncated to allow the full note to be displayed with the order to ensure chefs do not miss any instructions. up of Custom SettingsWe’ve had a spring clean to make the custom settings simpler to use for our Helpdesk Team.
5.0.14Make ScreenNew FeatureAdded siren on the Make Screen (KDS) for future orders.When enabled, the kitchen screen will play an alert Siren when a “Future Order” received earlier in the day has progressed to the “Current” view on the Make Screen (KDS).

Device Attributes “Siren On All Orders” and “Siren On Future Orders” are mutually exclusive and cannot be enabled concurrently.

The default state of the Kitchen Siren is that a Siren sounds only when a Web Order appears on the Current View of the Make Screen and changes need to be applied by Helpdesk.

5.0.15Order EntryNew FeatureIncreased the number of payment types displayed to 20With the addition of 3rd Party providers we have increased the displayed number of Payment Types on the system to 20.
5.0.18Make ScreenImprovementMake Screen (KDS) setting should not default to ‘Auto-Refresh to Top Line’.The Make Screen (KDS) function to auto-refresh to the top line has been removed as the default setting.

Please contact Helpdesk if you wish to have this setting enabled.

5.0.20Make ScreenNew FeatureChange descriptions for products on the Make Screen (KDS) to allow short names or abbreviations.Many menus have product names which are not user friendly for the Kitchen Team when they are using our Make Screen (KDS) instead of Kitchen Tickets, so these can be shorted or abbreviated using our new Menu Editor tool.

Make your Chef’s happy with shorter names !

NOTE: The system updates after the morning restart also stores with a Head Office will need this to be done centrally. default HD contact number in the build for new storesUnless your chain has an alternative support number, the login screen will display the correct contact number – 0203 151 0607.
5.0.19SettingsImprovementChanged front end site ID to prepare for new Mission Control AppWe are preparing to provide a real time Operational Matrix’s App for all users, so please watch out for more details once we are ready for release.
5.0.21IntegrationsImprovementOur Just Eat Integration was missing elements on Web items impacting how orders are displayed.Our current Just Eat integration has limitations due to us awaiting the menu matching from Just Eat, which they are working on, but our current version has just become near perfect.

We have been able to make key improvements to ensure orders are handled correctly on the Make Screen, VTR, Dispatcher, Order History, Ticket Print and Label Print.

The only limitations now relate to product handling on split Make Screens or stock management.