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Andromeda POS 5 Update

We have made even more improvements to your Andromeda Software, so check out the latest updates below which will be heading to your store(s) soon.

BuildNumber Product Type Description Resolution
5.43 Dispatch Improvement Latency when drawing dispatcher screen when a large number of orders Depending on the performance of the system and the volume of orders users may have seen a latency on opening the screen to dispatch a driver with orders. While we can improve your system performance we have made changes to improve the speed the screen loads which should make dispatching easier.
5.41 Payroll Improvement To resolve an issue with the Payroll, a major update to this function area has been undertaken An issue was found which then lead to a number of improvements within the payroll function, including simpler access to Time Sheet Editor, Increased Notes for each shift, Expandable view within Payroll, Expanded Payroll report, correct handling of payroll adjustments and better exporting of data so it can be reviewed in Excel.
5.40 Order Entry Improvement Allow selection of more than 16 items if necessary in a deal wizard Deal Wizard now provides support for modifiers with more than 15 items
5.40 Order Entry Improvement Increases Display Categories to 15. There used to be a limitation of a maximum of 10 categories within the POS as there wasn’t a scrolling option. Users will now see an left and right arrow when more categories are set in the menu. TIP: Display low sales categories to the right to reduce need for scrolling and maintain speed of order taking.
5.40 Order Entry Improvement Increase number of Primary and Secondary Categories that can be configured in Order Entry There was a limitation on the number of Display Categories than can be displayed on the Menu UI but scrolling has now been added with the use of left & right arrows. TIP: Display the best selling categories first to reduce amount of scrolling needed.
5.37.03 Order Entry Feature Request Replace the Restaurant Covers popup when adding new order The pop up has been replaced on request to ensure the number of covers is captured during the order taking process AMS New Feature Data dictionaries for AMS upload includes audit table entries applicable to report FIS-01 International request to include the Fiscal Reporting FIS-01 within the AMS. VTR New Feature Update to the Virtual Tab Rail (VTR) Screen The updated VTR (now Order Viewer) includes the addition of Options (Bases & Sizes), Half & Half Pizza’s and Customer Allergen info inputted from the POS along with other Bug Fixes and improvements AMS Improvement Add additional fields to AMS Daily Summary VAT Number and Menu Version is now polled to the Daily Summary table in the AMS providing the new columns have been added to the data table. AMS Feature Request Includes the AMS data dictionary additions for EMP-03 Audit data Request to have the underlaying data from the EMP-03 report polled into the AMS has been included. Settings New Feature Abort WebPolling component when Rameses is no longer active In the circumstance where the Andromeda Status 1 is not used to confirm an order have been inserted into the POS an improvement has been made to kill the web polling mechanism allowing the web provider to be aware of an issue with the POS and that the order has not yet been received. Once the issue with the POS has been resolved the web polling process will commence automatically. Settings New Feature Force a Future Collection Order option wasn’t available There has always been an option to receive Delivery Orders placed for a future time to be forced sooner than the ETD but this has now been extended to include Future Collection Orders. The setting will apply to all new orders received after the setting has been applied – Please contact your Level 1 support. Settings New Feature Online Order Alert without delay Stores not using the Kitchen Display screen can also be alerted when receiving Online Orders from the server – This will be set as default and can be managed in store by using the volume control on the computer. Printing Improvement Highlight ASAP orders clearer when printing order. Implemented a new design Receipt and Kitchen Ticket which highlights if an order was requested for a certain time or if it was an ASAP order. The new design receipt ticket is formatted to assist the in-store and drivers with the key order information at the top and we will be collecting more feedback as it becomes available to stores. Dispatch New Feature Manually Force a Future Order to Orders In-Store With the increase of Future Timed Orders we have added the ability from either the Dispatcher or the Make Screen (KDS) to move a Future Timed Order to current without the need to edit the order. Reporting New Feature New ACS WEBITEMS report SAL-80 A new report has been added to expose any products received as WEBITEMS (including the “Just Eat” text name) to provide users of the Just Eat integration with a quick guide to any products not correctly matched. SAL-80 report is located in Reports > Operations Reporting New Feature Improvement to the Just Eat integration with a form of menu matching As Just Eat still are unable to provide a match on Product IDs we have added the ability to match against the Just Eat product name which offers in most cases an complete integration solution. However, there are still some limitations if your Just Eat menu has been built with crusts as being modifiers which we will provide those effected with more details. Integrations Improvement International Aggregate Logos add to the Kitchen Display Screen To help the store easily identify orders from aggregate sites to ensure they can focus on the important orders to remain high in their rankings we have included ‘Wolt’ and ‘Bestel-thuis’ icons when these paytypes are used similar to Just Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats. Make Screen New Feature Display “Make Time” on KDS history view On the Kitchen Display the time taken to make an order wasn’t displayed and we have now added this to help monitor productivity. Reporting New Feature New Report – Orders by Address (CUS-49) A new report “Orders by Address (CUS-49)” is present in the “Customer” category of reporting with the main purpose for those Clients offering Account / Commission options. Make Screen Improvement KDS Future View was showing All Products even when configured to show select products It was raised that on the FUTURE view of the Kitchen Display Screen items set not to displayed were still being included which has now been resolved. No other views were impacted. Other New Feature Auto-complete Orders on Start of Day Completing the End of Day usually requires the closing manager to reconcile all orders to ensure that they correctly balancing their sales to their takings but for differing reasons, some businesses do not complete this reconciliation meaning that these uncompleted orders are then cancelled from the system and will not be reportable. Level 1 support desk can now amend the settings to Auto-complete all orders but caution should be taken as this will change the declared sales figures if reported prior to the restart. Order Entry Improvement Add/New address defaults to next unused address On Delivery orders, when a customer provides an additional address the use of the ‘Change Address’ button currently defaults to editing their last address and you need to remember to select the New Address option. Following feedback we have added a setting which your Level 1 support desk can change on request that will make the ‘Add New Address’ the default option. Dispatch Improvement When using Assigned Tills (Complex Tills) should require Authorisation for Increase/Decrease Till actions If you assign a till per cashier and therefore hold the cashier accountable for their float and takings the system has been made more secure by any adjustments to the till now needs to be authorised requiring a Managers’ password for any use of the Increase Till and Decrease Till actions. Inventory Improvement Access and Auditing Local Stock Price adjustments Security Level Access Restriction can now be imposed on Received Stock Price Adjustments and a new Stock Received Report is updated to provide better audit information of changes. Reporting New Feature Update the Stock Received Report to provide better audit information Stores using the full stock control system now have an improved Stock Received Report to provide better audit information. Reporting New Feature Auditing of Abandoned Orders (Orders not completed) An Abandoned Order is where the order taker has inputted an order but for some reason, they have exited the order instead of completing. The SAL-41 report within the Operations Section of reports provides full details about the abandoned order to enable owners to investigate possible reasons. AMS Improvement Automate AMS Daily Reporting Upload functionality If the server is powered off overnight AMS data is automatically uploaded on startup. If the internet connection is down, AMS data is automatically uploaded when connectivity is restored. Order Entry New Feature Capture a customer’s food allergies in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during food prep As an operator, I want to capture a customer’s food allergies in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during food prep. An order taker can select any combination from the 14 allergens. (Celery, Gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Lupin, Milk, Molluscs, Mustard, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Soybeans, Sulphur Dioxide) Settings New Feature GDPR on-demand anonymisation Added the ability to manually fulfil a Right to be Forgotten request. A user with Manager-level or greater system access can manually fulfil a shoppers right of erasure request from the shopper’s Customer Details UI. When initiating a fulfilment, the POS user is prompted with a message box reading, “Under Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are complying with a data subject’s Right to Erasure request. If you proceed the shopper’s Name, Phone Number and Email Address will be anonymised. This task cannot be undone. Do you wish to proceed?”. The user must clear password authorisation to fulfil the request. When a right to erasure request is fulfilled, the shopper’s Name, Phone Number and Email Address are automatically anonymised to the shopper’s CustomerID number. Settings New Feature Configurable GDPR Customer Data Retention Policy Data Retention Policy setting has been included to automatically anonymised during start-of-day any customer who has not placed a new order within the retention period (i.e. no orders for 24 months). The customer’s data (Name, Phone, and Email) will be anonymised. Printing New Feature Printing QR Codes The ability to add an image to the end of the customers receipt has been included which would allow for vouchers or QR codes to be included. Settings Improvement Percent Discounts in Custom Settings is now available with Manager Access Users with Manager’s access or above can now adjust the percentage discount setting Reporting Improvement Improvements to the SAL-03 Report Customer Name, Address and PayType has been inserted into the SAL-03 report to improve the use of this report. Order Entry Improvement Implement return to Postcode Finder when exiting Street Finder Selecting the Street Finder or Manual Address when not needed was always a pain as you couldn’t return back without having to start all over again, so we have made this better. Reporting Improvement Hard to find the Marketing Output Type when selected CSV When performing a marketing output in the Marketing Section to CSV it was hard to find the file so we have enabled a ‘save as’ option Other Improvement Updated the Noticeboard We know that not everyone uses the Notice Board, but for those that do we have just made it better and for those that don’t it might now be worth giving it a go and save paper. Dispatch Improvement Error when a collection orders get dispatched due to editing We have seen occasional a delivery order which has been edited to a collection order get stuck on dispatch which are rare and this will prevent this happened. Settings Improvement The Make Screen (KDS) siren would not play unless in Current view The Make Screen (KDS) can be set to alert the store when different types of orders are received and we have now improved this for when the screen is in different modes Dispatch Improvement Orders get locked during editing prevents dispatching If an order can’t be dispatched due to being edited either stop editing or on the dispatcher there is a New option within the Skip Status screen to allow any lock to be cleared from the selected order. If the order was being edited it would not save the edit after using this option so check with everyone first. Printing Improvement Order Expected Time is incorrect on print output Another improvement to handling future orders Order Entry Improvement MinDel value incorrectly displayed on Order Confirmation UI The MinDel charge value was included in the Del Charge value, rather than being an itemised charge. Reporting Improvement Paid Outs can be entered without selecting a category Error handling has been improved to prevent Paid Outs not being categorised Order Entry Improvement MinDel charge doesn’t display on Order Taking In Delivery Order Taking, the MinDel charge value was not displayed or incorporated into the total price. but was represented in the order confirmation screen. This has now been improved. Labour Management Improvement Changes to Rota had some limitations Following feedback we have made some changes to Building Rota’s assisting Managers to schedule smarter. Labour Management Improvement Employee Costs were visible in the View Rota screen The view Rota UI shows only the Employees, scheduled hours and total hours, with no costs of any kind. Labour Management Improvement Payroll UI to display Staff in Alphabetical order Following feedback the Payroll UI now displays staff members in alphabetical order to improve the usability of the UI and aid in locating employees. Dispatch Improvement Add Additional Orders process has been improved on the Dispatcher Selecting additional orders to add to a delivery has become easier when multiple orders are ready for dispatching with up to 13 orders displayed in a single view and the ability to see more when required. However, we still know that taking singles will provide the best service to your customers. Reporting New Feature New Future Date Order Report A new report for future dated orders has been added to help stores plan ahead. Report is available in Supervisor > Reporting > Operations. We hope you find it helpful. Printing Improvement Implement revised formatting for Kitchen tickets Stores which use Kitchen Printers now have a clearer format for Kitchen Tickets, including how future timed orders are displayed. Order Entry Improvement Exposed the Expected Date Stamp on Fdate orders Printing Future dated orders in advance showed today’s date instead of the date wanted as it was never expected these would be printed, but this has now been changed to allow for this. Make Screen Improvement No Order message has been improved to include “future orders pending” text when Future Orders are present on Make Screen (KDS) Stores using the Make Screen are now alerted to Future Orders when no items are present. Dispatch Improvement More Order details provided on the Dispatcher Bottom Left hand section of the dispatcher has been improved to show the full order details and status. Printing New Feature Ticket numbers options on tickets There are know 3 options regarding printing order numbers on the tickets: 1. Display order number 2. Display system number 3. Display no numbers Contact your Helpdesk if you require the setting to be changed. Note: Does not apply to Label printing Make Screen New Feature Spot aggregator orders e.g. Uber Eats on the Make Screen (KDS) Want to be able to easily identify orders from the aggregators so that you can fast track their orders and remain high in their rankings. Now users of our Make Screen can quickly spot their orders by just looking out for their logos. Order Entry New Feature AndroWeb & Uber Eats Order couldn’t be cancelled regardless of Payment Method To enable you to reconcile sales between OLO and the POS you can now cancel a prepaid order, but be aware that only DataCash clients will have the payment automatically refunded and for other payment providers you need to rearrange this manually. Make Screen Improvement Restored clock as a Blue Tile to Make Screen (KDS). The clock was removed on the Make Screen to increase space, but following feedback this was a key feature which has been restored. Order Entry Improvement Resize Menu Products UI when Quick Cash off is Enabled. Feedback on button size taken on board and now restored Settings New Feature Implement “Web Only” Type for Payment Types To enable more paytypes, a new option has been added to have hidden web only paytypes which won’t be visible in-store. Make Screen Improvement Refactor Avg. Make and Total Products Made metric into Blue Tiles on the Make Screen (KDS) Quickly know your Kitchen’s performance by reviewing the top tiles of the Make Screen (KDS). Make Screen Improvement Display additional order details on the KDS If a Delivery Order (DEL), the shopper’s Postcode is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef) If a Collection Order (COL), the shopper’s Name is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef) If a Shop Order (SHP), the shopper’s Name is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef) If a Dine In Order (EAT), the shopper’s Table Number is displayed against the uppermost line item of the order and persisted until all line items are made. (This value takes priority over Notes for Chef) Make Screen Improvement Make Screen (KDS) column headers adapt to mode (Current, History, Future) Regardless of which Make Screen (KDS) view you, see the info you need. Reporting Improvement Report Categories did not have translations Translation now provided for the reporting Category. Settings Improvement Removal of unwanted Frontpage button device types General housekeeping
5.0.24 Make Screen Improvement Remove the ++prefix on Make Screen (KDS) from WEBITEM orders e.g. Just Eat integrated orders Our Just Eat Integration was displaying ‘++’ in front of any additional toppings as these were being included in JE Order and these have now been removed
5.0.27 Order Entry Improvement Implement brand button styling on Call Centre “Select Site” dialog The Call Centre Site selector list design has been improved in line with other design changes
5.0.24 Make Screen Improvement The green used on the Makescreen (KDS) was a light green and hard to read. This has been made darker Feedback recieved was that the light green used to show extra toppings wasn’t clear to read and needed to be darker.
5.0.21 Settings Improvement Flare Pricing website and staging URLs have been imported into the devive attributes. Stores using Flare price check have been updated to use https. Printing Improvement WWW Adjust figure now included in the output to the printed receipt Aggregator orders with higher pricing than store pricing wasn’t showing the adjustment on the customer receipt which has now been resolved.
5.0.15 Make Screen New Feature NEW look Make Screen (KDS). New design and new motif in line with new POS design which also provides a number of benefits, such as : Delivery address being removed in line with GDPR requirements. Notes for chef screen removed and replaced in the product lines so they don’t get missed. Total orders metric and System time value removed to increase usable space. Base Type and count moved to top of screen. Order Entry Improvement Enabled wrap text options when entering an order On all add note sections of the order entry process, the text now wraps allowing for more notes to be entered and displayed correctly. Order Entry Improvement Added the “Return to Customer” button on the Collection Order Confirmation UI. The button which returns a user to the customer details UI (i.e. where the telephone number or customer name can be changed) is now visible on the Collection Order Confirmation UI.
5.0.20 Menu New Feature First stage of our new Menu Editor tool has been released Menu editing has never been a simple process for smaller operators and has required our Helpdesk to make changes on your behalf. However, this has now changed. As an Owner you can now review and make amendments to your current menu as you require. Adding new items isn’t possible at the minute, but this feature will be coming soon. Checkout our training video for more details.
5.0.14 AndroWeb 1.0 New Feature New siren for AndroWeb Online Orders. Stores without a Make Screen (KDS) can have a siren alert play on the Order Entry computer to alert you that an order from your Andromeda website has been received. Please speak to Helpdesk if you require this setting. Labour Management Improvement New Design Build Rota User Interface We have made it cleaner and simpler to use to allow you to easily add your rota to the system
5.0.20 Reporting Improvement Improvements to a number of reports. The list is long, but we have been hard at work making the reports clearer to use and we still have some left to go so please bear with us. Make Screen New Feature Chef notes on Make Screen (KDS) Chef notes on the Make Screen are truncated to allow the full note to be displayed with the order to ensure chefs do not miss any instructions. Settings Advisory Tidy up of Custom Settings We’ve had a spring clean to make the custom settings simpler to use for our Helpdesk Team.
5.0.14 Make Screen New Feature Added siren on the Make Screen (KDS) for future orders. When enabled, the kitchen screen will play an alert Siren when a “Future Order” received earlier in the day has progressed to the “Current” view on the Make Screen (KDS). Device Attributes “Siren On All Orders” and “Siren On Future Orders” are mutually exclusive and cannot be enabled concurrently. The default state of the Kitchen Siren is that a Siren sounds only when a Web Order appears on the Current View of the Make Screen and changes need to be applied by Helpdesk.
5.0.15 Order Entry New Feature Increased the number of payment types displayed to 20 With the addition of 3rd Party providers we have increased the displayed number of Payment Types on the system to 20.
5.0.18 Make Screen Improvement Make Screen (KDS) setting should not default to ‘Auto-Refresh to Top Line’. The Make Screen (KDS) function to auto-refresh to the top line has been removed as the default setting. Please contact Helpdesk if you wish to have this setting enabled.
5.0.20 Make Screen New Feature Change descriptions for products on the Make Screen (KDS) to allow short names or abbreviations. Many menus have product names which are not user friendly for the Kitchen Team when they are using our Make Screen (KDS) instead of Kitchen Tickets, so these can be shorted or abbreviated using our new Menu Editor tool. Make your Chef’s happy with shorter names ! NOTE: The system updates after the morning restart also stores with a Head Office will need this to be done centrally. Settings Improvement Change default HD contact number in the build for new stores Unless your chain has an alternative support number, the login screen will display the correct contact number – 0203 151 0607.
5.0.19 Settings Improvement Changed front end site ID to prepare for new Mission Control App We are preparing to provide a real time Operational Matrix’s App for all users, so please watch out for more details once we are ready for release.
5.0.21 Integrations Improvement Our Just Eat Integration was missing elements on Web items impacting how orders are displayed. Our current Just Eat integration has limitations due to us awaiting the menu matching from Just Eat, which they are working on, but our current version has just become near perfect. We have been able to make key improvements to ensure orders are handled correctly on the Make Screen, VTR, Dispatcher, Order History, Ticket Print and Label Print. The only limitations now relate to product handling on split Make Screens or stock management.