Andromeda POS

Andromeda Service Level Agreement

General Definitions

This is the standard Service Level Agreement “SLA” provided to clients by Andromeda Services UK Ltd ( “Andromeda”, “We”, “us”).

Setup & Installation

1. Business Logo

a) A Business Logo must be supplied prior to site launch, we do not create logos from scratch. b) Logos must be supplied in a high-resolution graphic format e.g. .jpeg, .png.
c) Any wording in the Logo should contain your restaurant name only.
d) The business name in your logo must match the business name in this agreement.

2. Business Branding (AndroWeb Clients only)

a) Brand Guidelines must be provided 2 weeks prior to site being published.
b) We will, where possible follow any Brand Guidelines that are provided but in the absence of these, we will use the menu as guidance.
c) A generic Home Page image will be used unless the business is able to provide a suitable size image in a high-resolution graphic format e.g. .jpeg, .png.
d) On completion of the site build and approval obtained by you the client, minor changes can be requested free of charge during the first month, thereafter additional charges for branding changes may apply – see additional charges online.

3. Domain (AndroWeb Clients only)

Your website domain, is YOUR DOMAIN, guaranteed. Your own domain name is a major business asset and remains your property. We will never hold your domain hostage, even if you wish to change to a different provider.

Your customers are YOUR customers, guaranteed. Andromeda is not an aggregator and we guarantee that your customers details are secure and will never be used to market a portal or another restaurant, only to help you grow your business. This is compliant with GDPR.

No Long Contract – You can change at any time, Guaranteed. In the unlikely event you wish to stop using our services, you can leave with one months’ notice, unless you have explicitly requested a longer contract. Any hardware, software on subscription will need to be returned. We will ensure you have control of your domain and your customer database will be provided to you.

It is always preferable to use an existing Domain which customers are familiar with using to reach the business.

a) We will require access to your Domain registrar account as an admin user, but we will not manage your account other than to configure our platform to use your Domain.
b) Access to your Domain account can be removed at any time by the business and will not be needed once we have provisioned API access/DNS settings.

Where an existing Domain either does not exist or can’t be used at this stage.

a) A relatable Domain will be obtained on the business behalf and at the cost of Andromeda for the period of time the agreement is in place.
b) In the circumstance that the business wishes to cancel the agreement, on request in writing the Domain will be transferred to the business subject to an administration fee within one month of the termination date of the agreement.

4. Menu

Having the most up-to-date menu set up at the start is important to providing your consumers with the best experience as well as ensuring the smooth running of your operations.

a) The business needs to provide the most recent published menu along with any special menus and promotional offers that are still in use immediately on completion of this agreement, if not already done so.
b) Any business rules associated with the menu should also be providing in writing.
c) Andromeda will provide an outline structure of the menu for approval prior to building the full menu for approval.
d) Unless outlined in this agreement, Menu build will only include products, modifiers, default modifiers, pricing and deals. Inventory items and details are not in scope.
e) Prior to installation, a menu review will be arranged to discuss minor points and make adjustments, followed by approval.
f) On Installation, a thorough review of the menu and deals should be conducted in readiness of going live, including placing test orders to check printing and any issues identified reported immediately.
g) Minor menu changes can be conducted in-store immediately or by providing full details of the change expected to the Helpdesk which will be conducted within 3 working days at no cost.
h) Major menu changes impacting more than 10% and up to 50% of the menu can be requested twice per year at no cost, any additional requests will be chargeable – see additional charges online. These changes will be conducted within 10 working days of being provided full details of the changes.
i) Complete menu rebuilds (more than 50% of menu changed) are chargeable – see additional charges online. These changes will be conducted within 10 working days of being provided full details.
j) Andromeda recommend your online menu contains images of YOUR food and a detailed description. This not only increases customer engagement with your menu, but also improves search engine optimisation to enhance your online visibility.
k) Online product names, descriptions, images and allergens details are solely controlled by the business using self-administration tools provided l) Andromeda are not liable for errors or omission.

5. Installation of Hardware

Andromeda uses a 3rd party company to provide basic installation and initial training included as part of this agreement.

a) All installations are carried out by qualified engineers that have received training on relevant hardware and software.
b) Installation date and time will be agreed in advance between the working hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm each day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Public and Bank Holidays and will where possible be outside of trading hours. Installations outside of these hours can be quoted for where required.
c) It is the businesses responsibility to ensure ease of access and a safe working environment is provided for the engineer at all times.
d) One full working days’ notice is required should an appointment need rearranging, or an aborted callout charge may apply.
e) Adequate Power outlets, extension leads, network points / WiFi and space for the hardware needs to be arranged prior to installation. This will be discussed during the system setup with you.
f) Any additional work required, such as fixing to walls, drilling or extending cables, etc must need to be highlighted prior to installation and may require a site survey in advance and work would be quoted.

Ongoing Support

6. Software Support

On completion of the hardware installation everything should be prepared for a successful launch at which point your support moves to our Helpdesk team who will be in contact to introduce themselves.

a) Helpdesk operates between 8am to Midnight, 7 days a week, including Weekends, Public and Bank Holidays.
b) Support can be arranged by Phone, Email or Support Portal. Calls to the helpdesk are recorded for monitoring and training purposes.
c) The Business must have a working internet connection and ensure our installed remote access software such as TeamViewer is available.
d) The server must remain turned on and always connected to the internet, even when the store is closed (other clients should be switched off).
e) Only software / hardware under subscription within this agreement is supported.
f) Use of the hardware, other than purpose of POS use is not permitted and may incur charges where additional support time is required to resolve issues.
g) Support will prioritise issues based on impact. As an example:

i) Urgent – Store not able to trade due to system offline.
ii) High – Impacting Sales e.g., unable to print.
iii) Medium – System not performing as usual.
iv)Low – Changes to configuration.

h) Helpdesk will make best endeavours to respond 85% of software cases depending on severity raised within:

And 70% of cases resolved on the same day

i) Should a case identify a bug within the software we will investigate and address it in the regular release depending on impact

7. Hardware Support

a) Hardware provided under subscription or directly purchased from Andromeda Services Limited is provided with on-site breakdown
b) Hardware provided under subscription remains the property of Andromeda Services Limited and will be refreshed every
four years.
c) Cover only applies to hardware supplied to installation site and is not transferrable without written consent.
d) Hardware related issues covered will be escalated to a 3rd party company who provide with an initial period of 3 years on-site support 7-days a week, next day, if reported to helpdesk by 2pm.
e) If an Engineer visit is required, the store will be informed of available time slot between 9.00am – 5:30pm when access will be required, we are unable to specify specific time slots for engineer visits.
f) If additional parts are required a return visit will be scheduled. Loan equipment maybe provided if there is a practical advantage.
g) If cover outside of these times is required, this can be purchased separately on request.

8. Exclusions and Limitations

a) Exclusions to cover apply and may incur charges in these circumstances:

i) Accidental damage
ii) User error
iii) Damage through acts of God – e.g. flood, lightning, storms etc…
iv) Failure due to power outages
v) Virus Infections

b) Force Majeure – Neither party shall be under any liability for failures or delays attributable to causes beyond their control.

c) Andromedas not responsible for any interruption to or loss of business due to the non-operation of the computer system or the software or the change or the unavailability of technical support.