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with on-demand deliveries

Use a courier driver from your POS as if they were your own staff. Never miss a delivery again!

Stuart Delivery Integration

In today’s competitive takeaway sector delivery has become a vital component of a successful business strategy.  But what if you don’t have your own drivers? Or you have drivers but in peak times you don’t have enough?

Guess what? Stuart is here to help! Stuart is Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform which connects businesses to a fleet of geolocalised independent couriers. Their platform allows businesses of any kind of industry to deliver to their customers with speed & efficiency and can be used as a sole provider or just a top-up to your existing team.

This can be used as a short term solution while you are building up your delivery service and can justify hiring a new driver, or could be that at peak times you need some extra help, but not enough to justify hiring a new driver, or maybe you just don’t want to hire drivers at all.

Players that get delivery right will increase their sales
& grow customer loyalty

  • Commission free model
  • They are food delivery experts
  • Reliable delivery service
  • Expand your delivery service without hiring new drivers
  • Deliver every order
  • Grow your delivery business easily and organically