Get more online orders with your own Online Ordering Website

Online Ordering Website

Online ordering website

Your own Branded Online Ordering Website

Online Ordering Websites from third parties have become increasingly more popular in recent years and has changed the way consumers order their food. However this has come at a cost to operators who are losing direct contact with their customers.

Therefore why rely on third-parties, who charge high commissions when you could have your own online ordering website? 

Andromeda’s mobile friendly online ordering platform for restaurants and takeaways, 

Andromeda’s online ordering platform

Provides you with a simple and easy to navigate mobile friendly website that is branded and unique to you.

Orders from your online website are either received directly into your Andromeda POS system or into a tablet therefore eliminating input errors, reducing time and ensuring orders are prioritised correctly.

In addition, with Andromeda your customers data belongs to you allowing you to provide marketing communications at any time and generate loyalty to your brand.

Online ordering system on mobile

Key Benefits:

  • Provide customers direct access to you
  • Reduce commissions levels
  • Increase profits
  • Retain the details of your customers
  • Customers never get an engaged tone
  • Orders go directly into your POS
  • Able to send SMS and Email marketing
  • Secure online payments
  • Works with takeaway and delivery operations

Simply put, our experiences of running successful restaurants, takeaways and delivery operations has enabled us to create a platform that works the way it should. Above all, we’ve ensured the platform is easy to navigate and visually appealing to the end user while being simple for you to manage and are continually improving it Unlike other platforms, your Andromeda online ordering website benefits from:



Every online ordering website from Andromeda is optimised specifically for you, the customer. Our team ensures that the search engines find your website when a customer searches for options in your area.

Using our unique system, we ensure your site is seen in more places increasing your chances of being seen.

marketing support

Marketing Support

Our marketing team work with you to ensure your restaurant is online ready and will assist with setting up your social media. 
We can also offer an advanced marketing solution and manage your social media for you should you wish.

enhanced menus

Enhanced menus

Make your menus stand out with great descriptions of the dishes supported with your own pictures. Organise your modifiers to make it easy for customers to edit their dishes and order exactly what they want.



Many consumers suffer with allergies and this makes ordering food difficult, especially when using an online ordering website. However with Andromeda you can easily add the allergens for each dish to your menu allowing customers to select the food that they can safely eat.


Time slots

Make dinner time easy for your customers and your staff by allowing pre-orders for the same day and up to 7 days in advance. 
In addition, set the maximum number of orders you can handle in a time slot to ensure you’re not too busy to cope.

delivery areas

Delivery areas

Manage your own delivery zones and postcodes then after that, set different charges for each postcode.

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