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Your own Branded Online Ordering Website

Own your online presence & interact with your customers directly.

Don’t rely on 3rd parties to give you orders while charging you a high commission.

Have full control of the customer journey with your own branded food ordering website.

Are you making the most of Online Ordering sales?

Online ordering websites have become a part of our lives with many consumers choosing this method over walking in or phoning.

Why have your own website if you already use 3rd party platforms?

The introduction of the third party aggregators has made this easy for the consumer & for the restaurant or takeaway business.

But this also comes at a cost:

  • They charge a high % commission from every order, reducing your profit
  • Customers using these platforms remain customers of the aggregator with very little loyalty or interaction if any to the store they are ordering food from
  • With a lot of choices for your cuisine there’s nothing to make you stand out
  • You are unable to market yourself to these customers

Your own website allows you to do marketing, to generate loyalty & to increase your profit

Your Online Ordering Website Should:


Be on your own domain/URL

eg:, not on a third parties domain


Mirror your existing branding

Make sure your logo & colour scheme is on the site so it feels like you


Grow your customer base & increase your profitability

Reduce high commissions to 3rd parties


Allow you to directly market your customers

You own your customers data & can build a relationship with them directly


Enhance your menu

Customers buy with their eyes, use your own product images & descriptions to make dishes appealing


Be easy to navigate

Allow customers to find, customise & order their food quickly & simply

Simply put, our experiences of running successful restaurants, takeaways & delivery operations has enabled us
to create a platform that works the way it should.

We’ve ensured the platform is easy to navigate & visually appealing to the end user while being simple for you to manage
& we are continually improving the system making it better for you & your customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide customers direct access to your menu
  • Reduce high commissions
  • Increase your profits
  • You own your customers data
  • Customers never get an engaged tone
  • Orders go directly into your POS saving time
  • Ability to send SMS and Email marketing
  • Use images to enhance your menu
  • Secure online payments
  • Works with takeaway and delivery operations

Receive orders from your food ordering website your way:

We offer our online ordering websites to all restaurants and takeaways regardless of size or budget.

Our Flight Deck solution provides you a simple and cost effective order capturing platform, or we can integrate into our POS so you can manage your orders right through to the final delivery.

Android Tablet

Full POS Solution

Our solution will scale to your needs
Please see our packages for our most popular options or contact us to discuss in more detail and receive a tailored package to you

The importance of displaying allergens on your website

Adding allergens to your products on your website takes the guesswork out of ordering food for your customers as they can quickly & easily see which allergens are present.

This not only makes your business more professional & gives customers confidence in your menu. It can also increase your customer base to those who may have previously not taken a risk & gone elsewhere, thus increasing your sales.

Please watch the video to see how easy this is with Andromeda websites

Unlike other providers, your Andromeda online ordering platform benefits from:


Online Ordering Website -SEO

Every online ordering website from Andromeda is optimised specifically for you. Using our unique system, we ensure your site is seen in more places increasing your chances of being seen.


Online Ordering Website -Marketing Support

Our team work with you to ensure your restaurant is online ready & will assist with setting up your social media. 
We can also offer an advanced marketing solution and manage your social media for you should you wish.

Enhanced Menus

Food Ordering Website -enhanced menus

Make your menus stand out with great descriptions supported by your own pictures. Organise your modifiers to make it easy for customers to edit their dishes and order exactly what they want.


Online Ordering System -Allergens

Many consumers suffer with allergies and this makes ordering food difficult, especially when using an online ordering website. However with Andromeda you can easily add the allergens for each dish to your menu allowing customers to select the food that they can safely eat.

Time Slots

Online Ordering System - Timeslots

Make dinner time easy for your customers and your staff by allowing pre-orders for the same day and up to 7 days in advance. 
In addition, set the maximum number of orders you can handle in a time slot to ensure you’re not too busy to cope.

Delivery Areas

Food Ordering Website - Delivery Areas

Manage your own delivery zones and postcodes then after that, set different charges for each postcode.

Manage your website with the Andromeda Portal

Using the portal on phone or desktop you can quickly & easily manage your Online Ordering System. Some of the features include:

  • Quickly manage out of stocks
  • Edit product names & descriptions
  • Quickly add allergens to your menu
  • Add pictures to your menu items
  • Group your modifiers into easy to use sections
  • View live reporting on your data, from anywhere
  • Update your trading hours
  • Add loyalty
  • Edit your delivery zones & delivery charges by postcode