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Customer Case Study - Rayu & Tuk Tuk Pan Asian

Customer Case Study – Rayu & Tuk Tuk Pan Asian

Rapidly expanding chain Rayu & TukTuk Pan Asian came to us as they wanted a new solution to assist with both their In-Store operations and their Online Ordering.

One of the problems they faced is that although all stores fall under one of the 2 brands, each store is a franchise & therefore the menu can vary in each location.

Working with them, we created a new ordering website within their main corporate site, allowing them to display all stores in one place.

Using a master menu we gave each store the ability to add and remove elements that they did or didn’t sell, while still using the same core structure which provides the group with consistency and control.

Customer Case Study - Rayu & Tuk Tuk Pan Asian

To make the ordering experience enjoyable for the end customer, the Online Ordering website was designed to make the order flow quick & simple. Choose your dish, choose your meat or veg option and modify as required.

Dishes displayed on the website are enhanced with images of the actual food, reassuring customers of what they will receive & assisting in their selection process.

Orders are sent directly to the Andromeda POS system allowing the store to efficiently process & dispatch the order to the customer without delay.

Customer Case Study - Rayu & Tuk Tuk Pan Asian

To make the In-store process easier, Andromeda also provides our 3rd party integrations allowing the Just Eat, Uber & Deliveroo orders to be delivered directly to the Andromeda POS. The integration also allows each store to manage all of their menus from the Andromeda Portal, all changes to their own web menu automatically apply to the 3rd party sites providing consistency and saving time for the store.

Cloud reporting within the Portal also allows both the franchise owner & the Rayu/Tuk Tuk full visibility of each stores performance from anywhere, giving them all the data they need to be able to react to ensure each store is maximising their operation.