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Case Study Wow Taco

Customer Case Study – Wow Taco

Having a successful Pizza delivery business, this customer wanted to branch out and expand their offering. They opened their first store in 2021 and wanted the same online and instore system for Wow Taco as they had in the Pizza store.

Andromeda is proud to support them with their instore POS system and online ordering website. 

Based on the success of the first store, Wow Taco have just opened a second location, again supported by Andromeda. We added the second location to the same domain as the first enabling customers a choice of location to order from. Using the same menu, the owners are able to manage the menu and stock quickly and easily in one place, but with each store having their own access to the back office portal, they can control the availability of items independently from the other location.

On top of the ordering software Andromeda works closely with both stores assisting them with marketing and promoting their stores in the local area.