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POS 5 Recent Bug Fixes

POS 5 Bug Fixes

We don’t like bugs anymore than you do, so our team has been out squashing them as they are reported, so check out the latest fixes below which will be heading to your store(s) soon.

5.43ReportingBug FixIn-Store Performance Dashboard Not LoadingFollowing the removal of Flash Player by Adobe the screensaver is not only not loading but shows an error meaning that the Dashboard has needed to be rewritten. This has been completed with some improvements and included in the latest build. NOTE: Requires Windows 7 or above
5.43Order EntryBug FixPOS crashes when Filtering StreetfinderIt was found in a recent build that the filtering of the addresses in Street Finder caused an error which has been resolved
5.39IntegrationsBug FixPostcodes with a 2 character outward code display as asterisk in the Postcode field.

LivePepper customers who have short postcodes in their trade zone had an issue where outward code is only 2-digits long (e.g. “AlphaNumber” or “N1”) rather than the format of “AA1” or “AA1A”. This results in a postcode which is only 5 characters in length without the space between the outward code and the inward code and so an asterisk was used to make up the character count.

This has been changed to allow these codes without needing the asterisk. EntryBug FixAuto-Complete stopped working on Manual Address Form in non PAF StoresIn International markets, when entering the Manual Address Form, selecting a street and pressing “enter” the Postcode, Town, Locality and Map Grid fields are not automatically filled in – This has been resolved. FixRemove duplicate entries in Task Manager dropdownsOn the Dispatcher there is a tool to quickly record and track tasks which we have fixed how the Task status (Done) was displaying the options. ScreenBug FixChef Notes were displaying against each product on the History View of the KDSIssue with Chef Notes not being displayed correct on the Kitchen Display Screen in the History view has been resolved. FixIn certain circumstances it appears you can’t Dispatch an orderWhen an order’s status changes to ready while the order was highlighted, the order could not be Dispatched without first highlighting a different order – This has been resolved. FixResize login screen slightly to prevent clipping of custom logosWhen the POS loads the clients logo is displayed on the login form now without clipping the image. EntryBug FixManual Address Entry Form doesn’t close when pressing “Cancel”There was an issue in countries not using a PAF file for addresses had an issue cancelling the manual address form – this has been resloved. FixTable Number is no longer output to the ticket.xmlAdding the Wanted Time to the Kitchen Ticket caused this problem and has now been resolved. FixSerbian fiscal X & Z report not outputting reportFollowing an upgrade to Serbian Fiscal printing we have now resolved the issue of the X Report & Z Report not being outputted. FixSerbian fiscal printer output fails if any previous Order Stage has been SkippedResolved the missing fiscal ticket if the order stages are bypassed. FixAzerbaijani Fiscal Printing not working in new versionStores in Azerbaijan need their current Fiscal printer working prior to Upgrading which has now been resolved. FixSerbian fiscal printing discount issueReinstatement of Serbian fiscal printing change to report discount in price rather than the discount values EntryBug FixSelecting an address with more than 60 sub-addresses caused a crashIssue where addresses on Campus or Holiday parks where they may be lots of sub-addresses of more than 60 has been found and resolved. FixOrder Placed time incorrect for Future Orders on the DispatcherDispatcher screen was showing the wrong Order Placed Time which has been resolved FixFuture Order prints twice and omitted expected dataOn 2 ticket types the Future Time tag was printing twice and the expected time wasn’t being displayed. This has been resolved. FixSwipe card users were not being assigned the correct user accessSwipe Card users are now assigned the correct security levels ManagementBug FixBuild and View Rota screens did not show the full week’s entriesWhen a mid-week date was picked from the date selection button the Build and View Rota screens did not show the full week’s entries which has been resolved FixOrder Expected date outputs as 01/01/1970In certain style sheets the future date was printing incorrectly and this has been resolved FixThe Subtotal value on dispatcher includes the Adjustments value.The dispatcher used to show the Total excludes any Adjustments values which has been corrected. FixOrder Placed Time is incorrect on print outputsWhen printed, the order placed time displayed equals the OrderWantedTime minus EDT. This only works for ASAP orders, as Future orders can be placed hours prior to the EDT so this has been changed to use a new Originally Placed time.