Mission control App

Mission control

Be in control of your store, even if you're not there

With the mission control app from Andromeda, your live sales & service figures are instantly available on your smart phone or tablet.

The live performance feed allows you to compare your store(s) actual performance to your forecast, against the previous week & previous year. The easy to follow screen provide you with the insight you need to identify trends & ensure your store(s) remain profitable.

Use the metrics to spot trends in your performance. View by current day or for historic days.

Use insights from the data to highlight potential issues quickly, allowing you to put measures in place & resolve issues quickly.

All of your KPI’s displayed in one place allows you to compare your live performance to both last week and last years results.

View data for an individual store, or for your whole group.

Drill down into the performance of an individual store and view insightful metrics for each KPI.

Easily compare the performance of all of your stores in one place. Sort the results by KPI or by performance.

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