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How Does A Restaurant Ordering System Work?

Within the UK hospitality sector, food delivery is arguably the fastest growing segment – which is why many establishments have had to adapt their tactics based on the noticeable changes in consumer behaviour.

One way to increase your business is to provide customers with a simple platform allowing them to access your menu which combined with a great service allows operators to build long term relationships with their customer base.

That is why an online ordering platform with integrated EPOS systems for restaurants & takeaways have taken over the industry, providing customers with a better food ordering & customer support experience.

Online Ordering System for Takeaways - Andromeda POS

But, how do these restaurant online ordering systems work? 

The workflow 

The workflow of a restaurant ordering system consists of a number of different aspects, which allow the establishment to enhance its online ordering management systems. 

  • The user chooses their items

When connected to the online ordering system for restaurants or takeaways, the consumer has the ability to search through the menu. This allows them, in their own time, to decide specifically what they would like to order, along with the quantity, based on their specific requirements. On the menu, prices, portion size, options, and pictures should all be listed to help your user make their selections – improving the overall experience for them. 

When they have decided to order a specific item, this will be added to the shopping cart on the platform, where they can then continue going through the menu to pick out more items to add to their order. 

  • Checkout

Once they are happy, the customer can see the order list and total amount of payment with the delivery charge and VAT charge. They will also be required to enter in their address, payment details, when they want the order delivered, and any other information that might be needed. Any payments will be then processed quickly and efficiently. 

  • The restaurant receives the notification

Once a customer places their food and drinks order, the restaurant EPOS system will notify the food establishment through an instant notification. The restaurant then starts their side of the ordering process, they start to make the food concerning the customer’s order. By having the order arrive directly into their EPOS, the restaurant has greater control of the order, it also saves them the time it would take to manually input the items from a separate system into their POS and reduces the chances of input errors at the same time. By adding an effective kitchen management solution to the EPOS suite, the restaurant can remove the need for printers in the kitchen, saving paper and eliminating missed orders caused by lost tickets.

  • The ordering process is completed

Once the ordering process has been completed, the establishment will either provide a delivery driver with delivery details of a user and restaurant, or the consumer will collect the food themselves. The combination of kitchen management systems with driver management solutions, ensures your customers receive the best quality of food and best experience possible every time, encouraging repeat business and building customer loyalty.

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