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4 Benefits of Restaurant Food Ordering Systems

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Here at Andromeda, we are a devoted team of professionals who provide simple solutions to help you manage & improve your whole restaurant.

We appreciate that everyone is looking to seamlessly integrate their systems to provide exceptional customer support – which is why we have developed an easy-to-use online food ordering system.

To help you understand the benefits of using this system, we have put together this guide.

  1. Convenience

Whether you are the restaurant manager, or the consumer, everyone is looking for the most convenient experience. However, with food ordering systems, customers expect to be able to order anytime, anywhere using their mobile or tablet devices.

The process of receiving and taking orders will also be a lot more efficient, as you do not need to rely on your staff to get the order correct – the customer is making the order themselves. Online ordering removes common error points such as a language barriers or custom order misunderstandings – which the kitchen staff would have to rectify. With a mobile friendly website, the customer can easily place an order without the hassle of talking over the phone.

  1. Enhanced productivity

A restaurant or fast food establishment is a very fast-paced environment, which means it is very easy for mistakes to be made. However, with online orders, this allows team members to complete tasks more efficiently and continue with their designated jobs with no distractions – such as the phone ringing. Your entire front of house staff can primarily focus on customers in your restaurant and ensure they have the best service, rather than simultaneously trying to serve customers at the counter, answer the phone and handle other duties.

  1. Increase in sales

If a staff member is taking an order over the phone, it is highly unlikely due to time constraints that additional item suggestions will become part of the conversation. However, when a consumer is placing an order online, they can view the restaurant’s menu in their own time – whilst being showcased any menu specials that are taking place. With images of each of your products, the consumer can visually see their options which offers them reassurance of what they will receive and stores which display product images see a significant increase in the online sales. Using an online food system normally leads to a larger order size per customer which results in sales increases for the restaurant.

  1. Stay ahead of the competition

Despite the fast pace the industry is growing at, not every restaurant out there offers an online ordering facility and depends on the third party providers for their online presence. While the industry now relies on these providers to bring them additional business, relying on them for all of your online ordering firstly costs the business significantly more and thus reduces profits, but it also reduces your brand loyalty as the individual is a customer of the third party site, not of your restaurant. Without an incentive to order from you regularly, they are inclined to choose from the wide selection available on the third party platform selecting any that seems interesting at that specific time. Therefore, promoting your own Online Ordering platform allows you to interact with the customer directly and stay ahead of the competition. With your own platform the customer is a customer of you, meaning you can interact with them directly and retain their information for your own marketing functions.

With the growing consumer demand for faster, more convenient ways to order, independent restaurants are investing in this new technology to stay ahead in the competition and grow their business.

About Andromeda

Using an online food ordering system has enhanced the convenience of food ordering for customers & restaurants – which is why Andromeda is here to help you.

Our management team have over 65 years of experience in running restaurants, so we completely understand what you are looking for.
Our solutions can be tailored to your needs providing you with a bespoke online presence, whether you want a full delivery platform or a click & collect offering.
For businesses that are trying to establish their own delivery service, our integration with agency driver services allows you to operate a delivery service as if it were your own while you build up enough trade to justify employing your own fleet.

If you are interested in learning about our services in more detail, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Hey! This article was lovely! It is so crisp and precise, it is a breath of fresh air from all the clutter that’s there on the internet. We were glad to read the last point though. It is absolutely true that dependance on third-party aggregators has proved to be worthless! They take away customers, spoil their buying habits and charge hefty commissions from restaurant owners.
    Restolabs blog also mentions this in detail. It’d be great to hear your views on it

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